When we embark on something new, we often times think “how can I do THAT when I don’t even feel like I have it together where I’m at.” 

You can. 

Because you expand. 

I was chatting with my cousin about motherhood and how it’s almost like this impossible decision of knowing WHEN you’re really ready. Like is anyone ever fully ready for that responsibility?! We feel like how the heck can I do this when somedays I can’t even take care of myself. 

You can. 

Because you expand. 

Maybe it’s the magic of motherhood, that somehow you become more so you can give more. 

Listen, we still get burnt out and tired and wave the white flag. We need help and support and a village to really succeed. 

But we expand. 

We grow and evolve so that we can help our children do the same. 

We don’t have it all figured out. We fuck up. A lot. We grow up alongside of our children. No matter how old we are. 

I’m 40 and guys I’m still growing up. I’m still learning and shifting. We continue to grow up until we take our last breaths here. It’s not this final thing like “oh you’re 18 you have grown up.” Or you’re done with college, you’re grown up. You’re 30 now, you’re a real adult. You’re 40, you’re hitting mid life. 

I’m growing up today and so are you. 

We are figuring things out, and expanding while we do so that we can invite in what’s meant for us. Even if we don’t feel ready. 

This isn’t just with motherhood, that’s just one example. This can relate to any shift in life where we create resistance based on fear and worry if we are “really ready.” 

The universe knows what we need when we need it. We can make all the plans, but then we can miss out on that expansion. 

Let go a little more today. So you can meet the universe where it’s at and let the best plans truly unfold! 

Much Love, Ta xo

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