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A validation situation. I read this quote that really stuck with me…”if you talk to more than 2 people about the same problem, you’re not seeking advice, you’re seeking attention.”  And I was like DAMNNNN.  I honestly wish I could remember who wrote it or where I saw it, but the point is, it was so powerful it stayed with me. And of course, got me thinking.  It’s so frequent
Can we please stop wearing EXHAUSTION as some badge of honor?  Somewhere along the way, we have been conditioned to think that BUSY and TIRED equate to SUCCESS, because if we are wiped out then that must mean we are doing a lot and being productive and blah blah blah.  You wanna know what SUCCESS really looks like?!  It’s cranking the shit out of life when you feel energized and
Balance. What an overused word these days. I am ready to end my relationship with the word balance. And here’s why…  I feel like we are constantly working towards maintaining this impossible state of balance in our lives, and always left feeling disappointed and defeated when it doesn’t happen.  Or even if it miraculously does happen, it’s for like 3 minutes, right?!  Because the house will get messy again. The
Tomato Taren after the morning run today! Snapped a selfie in front of the new house❤️🙏🏻 And here’s the story of how we landed here… In October, my mom FaceTimed me and told me their neighbor was selling their house and there were a gazillion people looking at it. She looked at me and said, “sell your house, move in here, we will all get the house and do the
A couple months ago, Bubbs {my 10 year old son} tried out for the town competitive soccer team. Soccer is his thing. He loves it. He gages each day based off when he will play a game or practice. He especially loves being a part of a team with his friends. The team this year was combining 2 age groups, so cuts had to be made. He was nervous, but
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