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I had a dream last night that one of my reiki sessions was a disaster😂 I was late. The bed wasn’t even made before the client got there. All the kids were there like running around and being loud, yet I still started reiki. Then my mom came bombing into the room to vacuum under the reiki bed and all around, giving me the “just 1 minute” signal.  Mind you,
The second you think you’re better than someone else is the same second you prove that you aren’t.  My father in law said that recently as we were chatting. My Gramp used to say, “you aren’t better than anyone and no is one is better than you.” Pretty lucky to have these dudes filled with wisdom in my life!  This got me thinking, why do we have this constant need
I was on a walk recently with my sister. We were chatting about what it really means to ask for help. It’s a skill we are both working on😉🫠 Both of us realized that when we have accepted help in the past, we sort of forget that we had anything to do with it and put all the appreciation on whoever else was involved.  We tend to think less of
“Why does it feel more normal to self deprecate than self celebrate?” There is nothing I love more that when a little kid gets dressed in an outfit they they think is simply outstanding. They strut out, feeling confident and empowered. They spin around to show everyone what they chose. They look in the mirror and smile! They don’t need approval from anyone…they are truly happy within themselves.  It’s the
A validation situation. I read this quote that really stuck with me…”if you talk to more than 2 people about the same problem, you’re not seeking advice, you’re seeking attention.”  And I was like DAMNNNN.  I honestly wish I could remember who wrote it or where I saw it, but the point is, it was so powerful it stayed with me. And of course, got me thinking.  It’s so frequent
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