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The WAEband Story


Life is full of opportunities, if you choose to see them.

6 years ago while getting ready for an early morning run, I was unable to find my bandana, aka “doo-rag!” The doo-rag had been a staple in my workout routine. I gave up on my search and pondered, what else could I use to keep the hair off my face and catch the perspiration. Nothing is more painful than sweat mixed with hairspray dripping into your eyes! Yes I will admit, I am a hairspray junkie! On my dresser there was an old tank top and I found a way to place it on my head… and I was off and running. I finished my workout and thought… Hmmm that worked rather well and was quite comfortable. Off to the shower I went.

Now here is where the choice to see things transpires or not! As I was getting ready for work, I kept thinking about that old tank top and how well it worked. I had to put it on again while looking in the mirror and it was in that moment when I started seeing the endless possibilities! I was blessed with an opportunity that morning that I chose to see.

A family team was built consisting of my beautiful daughters, Taren and Kaitlyn, and my beautiful niece, Kelsey — all educated with degrees in psychology, exercise science, textile merchandising, and design… What a perfect combination. The research began… My husband Peter, and sons-in-law Nick and Marcus gave us input. They designed the prototype and hand made the tables on which we hand make the WAEbands.

We tried and tested several materials. We revamped the shape a few times until … that old tank top turned into The WAEband! Now we want to sprinkle a little color and comfort on the world.


Always keep your heart open, for it is in that realm that the opportunities in life become visible…. when you choose to see them! Find Your WAE!

For information about how to take care of your WAEband, see our Fabric and Care Instructions page.

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