⭐️ Our UNLIMITED Workout & Meditation Membership gives you an opportunity to experience both our workout classes and our meditation classes. This is your opportunity to go ALL IN FOR YOU!! This Bundle will give you UNLIMITED workout classes, UNLIMITED Meditation classes and guessed it UNLIMITED Core Classes!!!! These classes are added into your account with your purchase to be used freely as you choose! You must still register for each class you want to attend at least an hour before start time. Bundle starts on the sale date and ends one month from the sale date. Enjoy a month of unlimited self care at a HUGE savings!!
Retail: $424.00
YOU PAY: $96.00!!!!!


⭐️ Our NEW PREMIUM MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP includes not only unlimited access to ALL WORKOUT CLASSES but also access to both our Stretch & Meditation classes per month AND our Reiki with a Reading class that meets once a month! This membership is a COMMITMENT to your SELF LOVE and GRATITUDE to self! Remember self care is a selfless act, never selfish! So, you will also receive 1 30-Minute Mindset Coaching session to be used in the month and 1 30-minute PRIVATE REIKI SESSION!

Retail: $550-$800 depending on how many classes you choose to take a week!
Your getting it for the price of “I LOVE YOU” at $143!!!
ALL CLASSES AND SESSIONS CAN BE HELD VIRTUALLY USING BOTH MEMBERSHIPS!!!!! So no need to shift or change plans, you can take us on the GO!
Cost: $143.00
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