Our Mission

W-A-E stands for … We Are Eternal. A reminder to connect to your center-your soul, that everlasting space of peace.  We get so busy in life that we easily neglect taking time for our internal growth. We disconnect due to focusing on the external things that we think will bring us joy. Your true happiness in this life is an inside job and we are humbled to help you Find Your WAE!

Find Your WAE uses a wellness approach to uplift You…working the body and the mind!  We focus on the entirety of who you are. We enlighten You with insightful-Workshops to get you centered. We empower you with energizing Workouts to keep you strong. We uplift you with our handmade WAEbands, to bring comfort, color and encouraging words of inspiration to brighten your days.

It’s Your Life-Live it Your WAE!