Our Mission

W-A-E … We Are Eternal. A reminder to connect to your center, your soul, that everlasting space of peace.  

Find Your WAE is all about WELLNESS as a whole…IT’S AN EXPERIENCE…working the body and the mind!  We focus on finding the joy in self care. We help you laugh, live and grow with insightful WORKSHOPS & COURSES to get you centered {both in-person and virtual}. We help you feel empowered with energizing WORKOUTS to keep you strong. We help you connect to your peace and intuition with REIKI sessions, in studio and virtually. We help you listen to your inner voice with GUIDED MEDITATIONS.  We help you get uplifted with our handmade WAEbands, to bring comfort, color and encouraging words of inspiration to brighten your days. We help you embrace the right MINDFUL TOOLS to enhance your spiritual practice. 

No matter how you decide to Find Your WAE, know that there will always be laughter, light and good vibes here! Every soul is welcomed with open arms and this WAE Tribe, this community, is filled with so much love!  There is always a place right here for YOU!

It’s Your Life-Live it Your WAE!

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