ValerieTestimonialImage“As a recent cancer survivor, I am waiting for my hair to grow back. It is hot wearing a wig or hats through the summer.
I was given a WAEband which has stretch, can be worn in multiple versions, soft on my head, absorbs sweat when exercising and SO stylish!! I feel pretty again!
I get asked where I got it many times. I now own 3 and plan to get 2 more right away!! Love these!”   — Valerie

ChrisTestimonialImage“This is the first time riding I never had to adjust my bandana. The WAEband stayed in place. Was really comfortable and held sweat from dripping on my face. I will definitely use this on my rides!”

   — Chris Leonard, 11 year PMC rider

darnell-testimonial“I just love the WAEbands! They are beautiful, and so soft and comfortable. I wear them for yoga and on my motorcycle… I wear them ALL THE TIME! I have 16 of them, and I think everyone should Find Their WAE or their WAE’s!


-Darnell, Owner of Shanti Shala Yoga and Wellness


heather-testimonialI love the WAEband because they stay in place! I have tried so many bands that were too tight or slipped off! The WAEband stays put and can be worn in several different ways! I love them..they make me feel fierce and they look cool too!”

-Heather, Health and Wellness Coach


“I am obsessed with the WAEband! I have never found a band that would stay on my head-(I do have kind of a big head) and it holds my crazy hair back! They are so incredibly comfortable and I wear them all the time! Whether I am working out, chasing the kids or doing the cleaning/cooking! My fav is the Unity WAE! It is the essence of this company but also of who I am. Whenever I feel down, I just look in the mirror and see the uplifting words that encompass everything good in my life! Find Your WAE!”

-Jenn, Momprenuer








“Why I love WAE bands!!!  Have you ever needed a fun, easy and fashionable way to tie your hair back.    Either for working out, running errands or to hide bed head 🙂 There are so many styles and different ways to wear them.  I find other headbands just don’t stay in place, WAEbands won’t move and are very comfortable.  These are only some of my reasons, find your WAE!!!”

-Shawn, Fitness Momma



“Workouts, summer beach days,  lazy and crazy hair days… love my WAE bands!!!”

-Shelby, Fitness Lover


“I love my WAEbands for many reasons:

-They are FUN and full of flair!

-They are versalite! The knot/bow can be worn in the front or the back!

-They are adjustable and don’t SLIP- which is perfect for folks with a larger noggin (like myself)

-They keep my mama flyaways at bay when I have my hair in a top know (which is 95% of the time)

-And they are made by the most loving, generous, sweet people I know!”

-Danielle, Wellness Coach and CEO

“I am totally obsessed with the WAEband!!”  It is multi-functional and comes in a ton of fun patterns and colors to match absolutely everything in your wardrobe. They make great gifts for any occasion and look great on both men and women and even kids! I always get compliments on my WAEbands – they are original and a great alternative to a basic headband!! I love seeing when new patterns and styles come out! Whether casual or dressy, the WAEband is a classy way to show your own unique style!!! Love, love, love WAEbands!!❤❤❤”

-Cassandra, Business owner


“What I love about the WAEband is it’s a great and easy way to pull it together on the go. As a busy Mom of 2 girls and working full time, I come last. The days that I don’t have time to get myself ready-I rock The WAEband as it helps me look put together with sass and class!!”

-Eleni, Momma on a mission

lauren“The Cirque WAE band was my very first WAE band EVER!  When hearing about this product I had to try it.  When working out my hair was always in my face, headbands would always fall out, and sweat was dripping in my eyes.  I was a hot mess.  The WAE band completely changed that for me.  From the first time I put it on it NEVER moved.  It fit my head perfectly because I could adjust it just like an elastic for my hair.  My hair was out of my face & NO sweat in my eyes.  Once I tried it I NEVER worked out without my WAE band.  Then the WAElite came out.  I bought my WAElite Warrior the day they came out.  A thinner version perfect for my new short hair!  I wear it not only to workout but also as a headband.  I can not say enough about this product.  I am completely WAE obsessed!”

-Lauren, Teacher and Coach


“I love that the WAEband keeps my hair in tact on days when it’s a little haywire.   I love wearing them to exercise because they keep my hair out of my face and the sweat out of my eyes.  I love that you can wear them several different ways and that they are machine washable.  Waebands are fun, fashionable and fundamental!  They are the only headband that stays in place for me and a “Go To” accessory in my wardrobe.”

-Michelle, WAE gal for life 🙂


“I love a WAEbands because they stay in place when I work out! They are stylish and can be worn in many ways! I wear them even when I’m not working out because they are a great hair fashion accessory!! I love the messages in each band as they send love, peace and kindness to the wearer! A reminder that we are all one!”

-Nikky, Teacher and Coach

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