“I love every class offered at Find Your WAE! It’s not just the great workout, it’s the positivity thats woven into every class that has made such a difference in the way I feel EVERY SINGLE DAY. The positivity, compassion, joy and silliness are what make Find Your WAE amazing!  I cannot thank you beautiful women enough!  
— Deborah

“Attending Reiki with a Reading was a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday evening. Very rejuvenating spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Looking forward to the next one!”

   — Audra

“Kate has an amazing energy and comes up with great Flow workouts. Thursday evening classes are the perfect way to wind down for the evening!



“I have attended Reiki with a Reading which is AMAZING and also have gotten certified in all 3 levels of Reiki here! I highly recommend this studio. Everyone is amazing and so welcoming. The energy in this the studio is so positive! Love this place!


“I received my new cards designed by Taren. Oh my goodness I’m in love with them. I love the Chakra card that explains each one. Everyone needs to grab a deck!! Loved hearing my 2 girls pull cards this morning!


“This place is full of positive energy, inspirational and spiritual fun. Love love love being here and walking away feeling blessed to be a part of the WAE Tribe!”


“You won’t find a better place or a better group of people to crush a workout with! The ever changing schedule eliminates any excuses and keeps you accountable to get there and go hard with such a variety of options. There’s something for everyone and every level. I cannot recommend this place enough!”


“Great energy filled with love, peace and a whole lot of FUN. Classes are great for any activity level!”


“Great energy, wonderful people, excellent workouts and meditation with Reiki…how can you go wrong???”


“I attended my first meditation/reiki class. As soon as you walk in you can feel the warmth and love this place is filled with. I found Kate’s voice and directions so easy to follow. I was instantly put at ease,  as I was a little nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect. During the meditation, Bernie’s guidance was perfect. I came out of class totally not expecting what I was feeling. WOW is all I can say. I highly recommend taking this class!!! Sooner than later!!”


“I had the most incredible Reiki session at Find Your WAE! Absolutely what I needed…it was so grounding, calming and boy was my throat chakra in need of clearing! From their studio, to being incredibly welcoming, the candles, the Zen Zone scent, just the overall vibes, highly suggested! The bits of information discussed after my reiki session were so on point, resonated and gave a lot of validation to things that are going on. Thank you again, I look forward to visiting your space again for yoga and reiki!”


“If you’re looking for genuinely kind souls who put their heart into what they do and provide value in their teachings, you have fallen upon the right place!”


“Thank you Bernadette and Taren for being a part of my journey and making my pull to become a Reiki Master happen! Love you both!!”


“It’s no secret I have been struggling health wise and writhing my mind and body but let me tell you, since finding Bernie, Kate and Taren at Find Your WAE thanks to my bestie, I feel little pieces of me coming back to life!! It is ok to take a step back, adjust your sails and forge on! Life is not a sprint and you should NOT take your health or mental health for granted! Find a place where you can grow not be squashed!”


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