Reiki Certifications

We LOVE guiding you in your Reiki journey! At Find Your WAE, we hold private certifications for every level of Reiki.


Our Private Level 1 certification goes over the origins of Usui Reiki, the history, what Reiki is and how it can work for YOUR life. We discuss chakras, meditation and intuition. We will show you how to self treat using Reiki, you will get a full manual filled with a wealth of information so you can always be a student of Reiki. You will receive an attunement, a Reiki blessing, which will activate the Reiki energy within you! Anyone can get certified in Reiki, you don’t need any previous training or experience with energy work. If you are feeling pulled towards this, we are here to help you Find Your WAE! This certification takes about 3 hours.

Our Private Level 2 certification starts with a brief overview of the foundations of Reiki, and we really dial into where YOU are on your own personal Reiki journey. It’s perfectly fine if you have taken Level 1 elsewhere. Energy already lives within you, we will help you take it to the next level! This certification dives into the Reiki symbols, it heightens your intuitive abilities if you desire and you will also learn how to practice on others. You can achieve Level 2 to be a practitioner yourself, or also just for your own personal benefit. Reiki should always be for you first, it’s one of the main reasons Dr. Usui created this method of healing, so every person could invite in healing and happiness. You receive a manual and attunement for Level 2. This certification takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Our Private Level 3, or Master Certifications, are the final formal trainings we offer…yet we are ALWAYS students of Reiki! During this certification, you receive additional Reiki symbols and another attunement to level up your healing energy within. This certification truly helps solidify your personal Reiki practice. This is a choice made to truly walk in the light of Reiki. You will get your Master manual, as well. This certification is about 1 1/2 hours.

All of our certifications cost $250. We feel the value for every level is equally important so the cost is the same across the board. We hold certifications for everyone, even kids and teens. These certifications are a bit shorter and we have different manuals for them. There is a discounted price for youth! What a gift for them to learn this and really GROW with Reiki!

If you would like to book book your Private Reiki Certification, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM!


Our Reiki Series is a great way to explore and learn the practice of reiki over the course of 2-3 sessions. Register for those HERE

If you have any additional questions, please email us at

You can also call or text us @ (508)838-1190

We are so excited to be on the journey of Reiki with you!

Love, Bernie, Taren & Kate

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