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About Us

We are a mother daughter team seeking to ignite the light in all we encounter. We are a team of visionaries-aiming to uplift and encourage you! WAE stands for We Are Eternal. We are the reminders-to take time and connect to your highest self. The space where you find the best part of who you can become. The space that exists forever.

We are the believers that anything is possible when we choose to dream!

This is the core of our philosophy…come share the journey! Join us at our studio for wellness, workouts, reiki, mentoring, meditation, uplifting tools and amazing energy. We are located at 325 W Main St, Norton MA 02766.

Meet the Team . . .


Bernadette Murphy ‚ÄĒ Founder

I am blessed with a beautiful family that radiates love! I am humbled by the foundation my parents built for me and my siblings. Having a supportive husband, two compassionate daughters and sons-in-law and an amazing tribe of siblings gives me the strength to accept new challenges! My grandchildren are five of the best gifts life has bestowed upon me!

I¬†strive to brighten the lives of those around me and to maintain balance within myself through variations of exercise and meditation. Running, PIYO¬†and Yoga¬†are my¬†favorite ways to clean the closet¬†of the mind!¬†WAE is an insightful extension of simply¬†living life¬†to it’s fullest, while feeling centered.¬† I am fueled by my¬†passion to inspire and enlighten¬†others based on sharing my journey and experiences.¬†I have¬†extended education¬†in business and ¬†professionally mentored people over the past¬†20 plus¬†years. ¬†I am now¬†choosing¬†to create¬†on a more personal level. ¬†As a whole hearted intuitive mentor and certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, ¬†I guide and encourage You¬†to confidently¬†stand in the freedom of your purpose! ¬†I¬†am¬†a practicing Reiki Master, which allows me to be a vessel¬†for peace and insight to the seeker. I offer private mentoring sessions for men, women, couples¬†and teenagers as well as group workshops to empower¬†you! Meditation classes¬†with Reiki and private Reiki sessions are also on the peace menu here at Find Your WAE. ¬†I am excited to share¬†this ride called life¬†with all of you… I look forward to helping you find your WAE¬†while¬†adding a splash of¬†color to your journey!


Kaitlyn Dennett

I am the mother of two beautiful children and wife to an amazing husband. I have a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science, AFAA Group Fitness Certification and hold a passion for helping people of all ages in all aspects of life. I am also a PiYo certified instructor and love filling a room with positive energy through exercise! Recently I became Level 2 Reiki certified to further share positive energy with people on this journey. I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends surrounded by love and happiness. I have an outrageously crazy personality and enjoy making people smile as well as laugh until they cry. My hope is to show people the WAE to happiness and peace the way my mom has shown me. Let us help you find your WAE!


Taren Sbardella

My job title has always started with “mom.” My husband and I are blessed with 3 wonderful children, and caring for them each day is an honor.¬† In order to be home with them, I became the “family nanny,” and cared for many children in our home. I had always wondered what I would do when my kids ventured off to school. Having a degree in psychology and a background in childcare, as well as retail, I knew I had options; but hadn’t found the right fit.

I’m happy to say that I now feel like I’ve found purpose for my journey beyond motherhood. I love to help people realize their own potential and see things in themselves they didn’t see. My mission is to inspire people to transform into the best versions of themselves. I am an Independent Team Beachbody‚ĄĘ coach, and have a passion for helping others on their journey to good health and growing their own at-home businesses. I am Level 2 Reiki certified. I have also begun a journey in public speaking and writing, all to serve the purpose of helping people better connect to themselves! All of these facets have taught me so much, and now I’m ready to share this passion with all of you while you Find Your WAE!

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