Speeeeeeding thru life…

This morning was the type where you schedule yourself to be in multiple places at once, knowing it’s going to rushed and crazy, but still make all the commitments because you can’t just say NO.

Yup. That was me. Hauling ass here and there and getting ready to drive an hour away to catch the second half of one of Bubbs soccer games.

And then it happened.

The blue lights flashing.

My heart in my throat.

Instant palm to forehead moment.

I put on my blinker. I pulled over. I stopped. I breathed. I couldn’t even ask WHY I was being pulled over. I knew why. I was literally rushing, so I know I was going too fast.

The lovely officer came to the window and asked for all the things. She said, “it was 42 in a 30.”

I buried my head in my hands and said, “yes that’s correct. Though in my head it was 100 in a 30.” She smiled. I apologized.

A moment later she came back and offered me a verbal warning. I looked at her and said “THANK YOU. I have been piling too much on my plate and trying to be in too many places at once and the universe knew I needed to SLOW DOWN.”

She smiled and told me to take a breath, actually, she called it a “woosaaaa” moment which I loved, told me to sip my coffee and just slow down.

It was the most peaceful moment of law breaking.

No but for real, I’m not trying to joke about driving too fast, it’s reckless and totally unnecessary. But we all do it sometimes. We get caught up and feel this urge to fly thru life just to make sure we are checking off all the boxes.

Why do we feel like we always need to be in a hurry to get to the next place? Live the next moment?

We truly need to slow down. It’s ok to reroute plans. It’s ok to pivot. It’s ok to say “no I actually can’t make it.” Because sometimes when we don’t listen to those nudges from the universe, someone else needs to tell us.

I’m thankful for the kind officer today, for her words of wisdom that went far beyond the rules of the road.

After one more deep breath, I turned around and went home. I texted Nick and Bubbs to let them know I wouldn’t make it and everything worked out just fine.

Bubbs won his game! Nick gave me the play by play! And I enjoyed the rest of my ice coffee in my comfy chair while the girls chilled.

Surrender to the slow down friends. Or those blue lights might be in your rear view mirror next!

Much love, Ta xo

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