It’s been a little over 24 hours since I declared my social media break and I already wanted to hop on there and share a proud mama moment😂

At the end of soccer camp today, they held a small awards ceremony for each age group. One of the awards was called The Ernie Branco Award, an award given to a player who brought great energy, was coachable and a leader on and off the field. But this specific award is incredibly special because of who it honors. 

Ernie WAS soccer in our small town growing up. He was an incredible coach and leader for myself and his family became our family. He started this camp back in the day and it’s amazing to see the new generations come in to play every year. It’s been a gift watching coaches and instructors show up to do what Ernie did best…teach the LOVE of the game. 

That really is the best skill to embrace!! 

When they announced the winner for the middle school boys, and said my kids name, I felt SO PROUD of him…but the best part is that he has a trophy that will go in his room with Ernie’s name on it. The pride that brings is immeasurable!

Raising kids in the same town we grew up in is constantly filled with full circle moments…this one means so very much! 

I will constantly be inspired by my kids…and YOUR kids. They are the best teachers and guides for us. While I’m here I have one more cute story about the awards ceremony…there was the sweetest little barefoot toddler with pig tails just exploring all around the kids in a big circle. She was smiling, cheesing even bigger when the breeze blew on her face, waving at all the parents. One of our friends little guys was having a hard moment and had his head down, she went right over to him, squatted down next to him and just sat there for a moment. 

It was beautiful. And so heartwarming. We are literally born with the ability to LOVE, SUPPORT and SHARE KINDNESS. 

I was so engulfed in full life blessings in just 30 minutes in our small town on a summer afternoon on the soccer field. 

Cheers to Ernie❤️ truly honored for our Bubbs to be part of his legacy! And cheers to that sweet little barefoot babe!! 

Much love, Ta xo 

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