When should we ever be “passed” wanting to know ourselves better? 

This evolution of self awareness and growth is ongoing. Every day we are alive we have the chance to get to know ourselves better. Why on earth would we pass up that opportunity?! 

I have found myself time after time almost waiting to reach a point in life where I feel like I’ve arrived. But it doesn’t ever happen. Because what’s the true destination? 

It’s ongoing. 

There are always things to learn, bucket lists to check off, milestones to celebrate. Waiting for the moments leaves us MISSING the beautiful moments of today. 

The small, seemingly insignificant things are the real foundation of your life. Those things make you who you are. Those are important. Those are with celebrating. Those are “the things” that someone else might be waiting for. 

I now catch myself when I feel I’m slipping into a cycle of waiting for a certain experience to happen for me to be able to experience joy or a sense of accomplishment. Joy is available RIGHT NOW. As you read this blog. It’s as simple as taking your next breath to invite in whatever feeling you want to embrace. 

Feelings, emotions, self awareness aren’t contingent on anything else except YOU! 

The second we place our emotions on someone else or something else, we give them our power. 

Claim it back right now. Because you can! I promise to do the same right here with you!😘

Much love, Ta xo 

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