I realized today how many emotions can come from a pile of stuff. Maybe it depends on what’s actually in the pile. 

A pile of bills on the counter may create anxiety. 

A pile of laundry on the bed that needs to be folded before you can go to sleep may create a big groan of aggravation. Maybe that pile just gets moved to the chair to be dealt with in the morning😂

A pile of cookies on a plate can make you feel all warm and cozy inside. 

A pile of old photos on your table can make you feel a whole range of emotions from gratitude to love to reminiscing all in one. 

This pile pictured here has been slowly growing over the last few weeks. Every few days, more gets added to it. With each box or item, it’s a reminder of the huge transition that’s happening at the end of this month. 

Our girl is headed off to college. So let me try to explain the feels that THIS growing pile is really bringing…

Excitement for Brae as she preps for such a huge step in her life. 

Fear that this step really requires me to let go more than I would like to. 

Gratitude that our daughter is healthy and happy and ABLE to go have this experience. 

Sadness thinking of what the house will feel like without her here everyday. 

All these feels from one pile of stuff. 

All these feels that I am thankful to be able to process. 

So as I stare at this pile a little longer than normal today, I encourage you to take a scan of your house. What piles do you have and how are they making you feel? Be honest with yourself, let it all flow out, allow yourself to be emotionally moved and then you can decide if that pile needs to be moved😉❤️

Much love, Ta xo 

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