How to Wear Your WAE

Click the videos below to check out how to wear your WAEband!

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The WAEband…

Here are a few FUN ways to tie and wear your WAEband! It can be a classic wide headband, can be worn over your hair, under your hair or in a super cute bow! ALL you gotta do is TIE it to fit YOU then adjust from there! Wear life your WAE! 

Bandana Style…

If you LOVE bandanas as much as we did, you will love the WAEband! There is plenty of fabric to be creative with your band! Simply tie it across your forehead, and then pull the extra fabric back! BOOM! You now have an updated bandana made of amazing, quick drying fabric! 

Own Your Style…

Check out this FUNKY and FUN style to tie the WAEband! The best part, every WAEband gets tied the same way to begin and can just be adjusted from there! You take the end with the hole and tie it around the other end of fabric just like you tie an elastic around a ponytail! This particular style is Kate’s FAV and she totally rocks it! You can, too!

The WAElite

Here’s the little sister to our original WAEband! We created the WAElite for you thinner headband lovers! It has about half the fabric of the full WAEband, making it much easier to achieve a thinner headband feel and style! 

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