Zen Zone Energy Clearing Spray


The exclusive Find Your WAE signature scent created in our Energy Clearing Spray. Shake. Spray. Clear. Heal!

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  • Enjoy our exclusive Find Your WAE signature scent used in all of our classes and reiki sessions with added pure grade Sage & Palo Santo essential oils.
  • Zen Zone Energy Clearing Spray is all natural and made with the highest quality essential oils and witch hazel. 
  • This glass bottle is 4oz.
  • This spray was created for you to clear yourself and your space anytime! No need to light a sage stick when you have this spray. Just shake the bottle and set the bet intentions for clearing the energy within and around you. 
  • Perfect for your house, work, car or any space that needs uplifting energy.
  • Each bottle contains the following healing crystals: amethyst, jasper and rose quartz…these crystals are known for their healing, grounding and restoring properties. 
  • Carry this with you or leave it in your space of peace so it’s always available for you to clear your energy!  
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