Welcome!! There is a reason why you landed here and an opportunity for you to flourish awaits you! Plug into You is a 14 day self-discovery workbook for women that are seeking to find “the something more” in life! Consider this workbook your guide to the best version of you! Allowing you to dive deep within and release stale and perhaps negative patterns of the past. Putting the pieces of you together, so you can live life with the best and highest intentions!

There are 14 daily assignments geared towards energizing and bringing you clarity! You will receive your printable PDF workbook via email,  or you to experience a new and brighter view of your life! Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the greatness within You!

In this work book, I have included an audio link to an exclusive 20 minute guided meditation, I personally created. You will also receive audio links to some of my favorite Zen music to calm your busy mind.  During this process, I am offering to personally connect with you for a free 15 minute discussion. We can review what you are experiencing or what you are hoping to accomplish. We can connect via email/text/skype or phone. Whatever you are most comfortable with, just reach out

If you are ready to step into the amazing you-purchase the workbook below and let the growing begin!

I look forward to sharing the journey and guiding you to the best of who you can become! 

 Much light and love, Bernie

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