So, I’m 37 and I still believe in Santa. I still look up at the sky every Christmas Eve. I still feel butterflies in my stomach going to bed knowing what Christmas morning will bring. 

Maybe I feel this way because I was very blessed as a kid and we always had magical Christmases. I know that’s not the case for every person. But…Believing in Santa in my eyes it’s just a MUST. Let me explain…

I am a crazy Christmas person. I decorate well before Thanksgiving. I love all the movies, bake the cookies, see the lights. Christmas songs are on 24/7. As a family, we have done a really good job of streamlining Christmas the last few years. We focused less on the crazy amounts of gifts, and more on time together. Experiences that we can share together. Moments that can be savored and memories to be made. We’ve learned to lessen the stress, the financial burden, the chaos and focus more on the real meaning of the season which is JOY and FAMILY. And SANTA, of course. 

To me Santa is more than a chubby, jolly guy in a red suit. To me, he is a symbol of MIRACLES! 

Every present that gets opened Christmas morning is from Santa Claus. All the credit goes to him. We don’t need it. One day, it will be acknowledged. But the precious years of Santa are so fleeting, so why not let Santa have it ALL! The magic, the excitement. Yes, we also have those crazy elves who live in our house for a whole month before Christmas, too. And I absolutely love seeing how excited the kids get waking up every morning to go find them. Even at 1am when you wake up in a sweat wondering if they moved! 

Believing in the magic of Christmas is more than just believing. I feel like it’s a life lesson that we can instill in children at such a young age of how important it is to believe in something BIGGER than ourselves. There are going to be times in life that are so challenging that we’re not sure if a miracle can actually happen…but then we can remember what it felt like as little kids…picturing Santa flying all over the world in one sleigh with one sack of presents squeezing down chimneys, bringing joy to the whole world…and we can believe that ANYTHING is possible. Santa isn’t just a dude with the big white beard and a red hat. Santa is a FEELING that every single person deserves to feel… a feeling of hope, possibility, and magic. 

Now, I know someone reading this has had a Christmas where Santa didn’t deliver. He didn’t bring that coveted toy. He disappointed you in someway. And honestly, I feel like that’s a really big life lesson to learn, too. It’s not just about him bringing every single thing and making it perfect. It’s not about deceiving kids and being dishonest. It’s about believing in something so much bigger than ourselves, and being grateful for whatever the outcome may be! 

To me, Santa will always be real, because I believe that miracles are real. I believe that miracles happen every single day right under our nose. I’ve been witness to them. Our world has gotten very cynical, everyone always wants to keep it real… I get it…I like to do that, too. But allowing our imaginations to run wild and investing our heart into the sheer idea of magic really does just FEEL GOOD. We’re always trying to consume so much information and make sense of everything all the time… It’s not like that with Santa. You don’t have to make sense of it. He doesn’t need an explanation. It’s MAGIC, it’s JOY, and it’s HOPE. Allow yourself to believe in what’s possible… Not just on Christmas, but every day. Magic moments can be had any time of the year. If you just believe❤️✨

So much love friends,

Ta xoxo

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