The second you think you’re better than someone else is the same second you prove that you aren’t. 

My father in law said that recently as we were chatting. My Gramp used to say, “you aren’t better than anyone and no is one is better than you.” Pretty lucky to have these dudes filled with wisdom in my life! 

This got me thinking, why do we have this constant need to prove our worth against someone else’s? 

We weren’t put on this earth to compete with each other on who lives life better. We were all placed in this existence to learn from one another, support one another and enhance our life experiences! 

It would be so boring if everyone made the same exact choices. Free will is what makes life invigorating. 

Next time you find yourself playing the comparison game, hit the pause button. Take a breath. Ask yourself why you feel better or less than them. Be real with yourself. Because any feelings you ever have toward someone else are more about YOU than they are about THEM. 

When you live life through that lens, comparisons fall away and compassion comes to play! 

Much love, 

Ta xo 

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