QVC was always a household name growing up. Whenever my mom watched TV when we were little, it was either soap operas or QVC and HSN. And now I gotta tell ya, I love them, too! Not soap operas😂 but home shopping! Somethin about it.

So get this, when we started making WAEbands a few years back, my mom was ordering something online on QVC and saw an ad for this contest called The Big Find. She dug a little deeper.

She learned that QVC and HSN hosted a contest for inventors, dreamers, creators to apply and submit their ideas for the “next big thing.” She filled out an application for the WAEband immediately!

We didn’t hear anything back and kept on plugging, growing and learning. QVC was always there, though. On our vision boards. In our minds that something just felt right about it.

Another year passed and the contest came up again. Without really saying anything about it, my mom sent in another submission. Again, we didn’t hear anything back.

LOTS happened in the meantime. We started to put more of our focus and attention on attaining our studio and creating a place to help others find their WAE! We never stopped making or selling the WAEband, but it took a backseat for a short time so we could open the doors to a space of peace for so many people…including ourselves 😍

It’s crazy to think that next month we will have been open and thriving in our wellness studio for 1 YEAR…grateful is an understatement…

Once we were settled in, we all started to feel this pull again about the WAEband. That we hadn’t been giving it the attention it so deserves. That there are literally millions of people who will LOVE it, once they know it even exists!! That it’s such an amazing product unlike anything else out there that will bring color, comfort and inspiration to the peeps who wear it! I mean, our Tribe loves it, so we know it’s something special!

Fast forward to the end of June. My mom mentioned that The Big Find was coming around again. She wasn’t feeling it this time. She said she just wasn’t sure if it was the right fit at the right time. I said, “what the heck, send me the stuff and I’ll take a look at it.”

I kept putting “QVC submission” on my list of things to do. 3 weeks went by and I was sitting down to hop on a personal development training call. I had an hour before the call started, so I hopped online and scoped out the application.

I started filling out the info, and question after question, I was feeling SO energetically connected and excited to share our story of the WAEband. It was just pouring out! I attached our website info and some tying videos and clicked SUBMIT! I finished just in time to get on my call.

And then.

ERROR. Application not submitted.

Here were my thoughts in that moment…. “What in the actual 😳 are you talking about?! I just spend the last hour gushing so much emotion and love into this application and it didn’t even send. Ahhhh. Grrrrrr. I wanna cry. I wanna throw something. Maybe my mom was right. Maybe it’s not the right time.” End thought.

I texted my mom to tell her what happened and said “I wanna cry, but I’m getting on my call to get my mind right and then I’m going back on to do this again. It felt TOO good to not see what this could be.”

I got off my call. Fired up even more from all the good vibes! ➡️Insert shameless plug for the Power of I AM training with my brother bear Chris Downing! It was amazing!⬅️ At this point, it’s 10pm, I knew it was getting late but if I didn’t get on and submit right away, I may not have had the belief or fortitude to do it again. ~Little takeaway for you…TAKE action when you feel inspired because time will pass either way so why not make an impact!~

I started answering all the questions again. This time, I copied each long response and saved it in a word doc so I wouldn’t lose it again. Because failures are the best lessons, right?!

It took me about 45 minutes, but I finished it! I attached just 1 tying video, took a deep breath, said a prayer and clicked SUMBIT!

It sent. 💌 And on life went.

I truly didn’t think a ton about it after I sent the app in. I just released any expectation and kept on working! A couple weeks later, as I was sitting in the parking lot of the mechanic waiting to see if Nick’s car was ready, I decided to check my email. The service was really crappy but I tried anyway.

Ad. Ad. Sale. Ad. Sale. Coupon. CONGRATS🎉. Ad. Statement.


Congrats. You have been selected as a Finalist for the Big Find!

Holy CRAP! I clicked on the email and it said…NOTHING! It literally wouldn’t load because the service was so bad. It was the longest 16 minute drive ever until I could get back to service and actually read the email!

🎉Congratulations! You are a finalist. Please choose one of the cities below and join us for an in person presentation.🎉

Holy crap. Holy crap. This is real. It’s really happening. I FaceTimed my mom.

She was telling me what felt like the longest story ever and then I was like “hey, wanna hear something cool….
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To be continued…

Much Love,

Ta xox

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