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I feel like a fortune cookie. Confucius says: Life is short. Eat the cookie. Taren says: Life is long. Eat the cookie. Do the burpees. Drink the water. Read the book. Do the meditation. Get the sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I was laughing the other day as my mom, sister and I we’re chatting on our morning run. We always use that time to vent about our families #truth
I grab my purse and toss it over my shoulder. I make sure the gate is closed so the dog doesn’t poop on the carpet. I step outside and panic for a second making sure I have my keys. It’s actually embarrassing how many times I have locked us out of the house. My hands are full. Like, WHY am I always carrying 1002 things out the door. Most times,
  People are all like, I gotta find my purpose. Listen, my purpose legit fell into my lap when I truly wasn’t even actively searching for it. But after a little time, I realized I really was working toward it my whole entire LIFE. I just didn’t know it! Here’s the quick synopsis. I lived my whole childhood into adulthood making majority of my choices based on what someone else
Truth be told, I tried blogging a few years ago. But I totally overthought it and it just didn’t feel authentic. This time, I just wanna keep it real. That’s my motto peeps. All the goodness is in the realness. So here’s a little backstory in case you’re new round here… I’m Taren. 36. Not even lying, when I just wrote that I actually had to THINK about my age.
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