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Teacher assignments came in the mail while we were on vacation down the cape. We pulled in the driveway and everyone dispersed. Bubbs and Chuck ran to the mailbox, excitedly hauling ass back ripping open envelopes. Braelyn popped on her chrome book to log in and see her very first HS schedule. She started texting friends to see what classes they shared. The kids asked me to text their friends
I feel like a fortune cookie. Confucius says: Life is short. Eat the cookie. Taren says: Life is long. Eat the cookie. Do the burpees. Drink the water. Read the book. Do the meditation. Get the sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I was laughing the other day as my mom, sister and I we’re chatting on our morning run. We always use that time to vent about our families #truth
I grab my purse and toss it over my shoulder. I make sure the gate is closed so the dog doesn’t poop on the carpet. I step outside and panic for a second making sure I have my keys. It’s actually embarrassing how many times I have locked us out of the house. My hands are full. Like, WHY am I always carrying 1002 things out the door. Most times,
  People are all like, I gotta find my purpose. Listen, my purpose legit fell into my lap when I truly wasn’t even actively searching for it. But after a little time, I realized I really was working toward it my whole entire LIFE. I just didn’t know it! Here’s the quick synopsis. I lived my whole childhood into adulthood making majority of my choices based on what someone else
Truth be told, I tried blogging a few years ago. But I totally overthought it and it just didn’t feel authentic. This time, I just wanna keep it real. That’s my motto peeps. All the goodness is in the realness. So here’s a little backstory in case you’re new round here… I’m Taren. 36. Not even lying, when I just wrote that I actually had to THINK about my age.
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