I had a dream last night that one of my reiki sessions was a disaster😂

I was late. The bed wasn’t even made before the client got there. All the kids were there like running around and being loud, yet I still started reiki. Then my mom came bombing into the room to vacuum under the reiki bed and all around, giving me the “just 1 minute” signal. 

Mind you, because the kids were all there, they were late for school. A school that I couldn’t find for some reason. It was in another town. And we had to walk there. 

But this town happened to be on the water. So we went down to the beach. I was still so angry. Chuck found a baby shark and wanted to take it home and put it in a fish tank. Then I woke up. 

Can we talk about a full on anxiety dream😂🤯

When we dream about being late or being interrupted it can represent the inability to reach a new level…like a suppressed feeling of expectation that is placed upon ourselves. They both also represent FEAR. 

Ummm whoa. 

It’s crazy how we can feel like we have worked through things and overcome limiting beliefs, and then BAM, they show up and wake your ass up out of a perfectly sound sleep🤣👊🏻

So cue the shark. I knew I had to look up the spiritual meaning to see if there was any insight there to move through the fear and expectations.  

“The shark spirit gives you the ability to come out head up from any situation, no matter how hard it may seem. The spirit animal shark is here to show you that you don’t need to evolve. You are perfect just the way you are.” 

Well. There you are, HIGHER SELF. Thanks for showing up through that shit storm. Appreciate it👏🏻👏🏻

That’s how life works, peeps. No it’s not always as weirdly laid out as a dream, but it can feel chaotic and wild. Remember that your higher self is ALWAYS AVAILABLE for support and guidance in the clusters. 

Focus your energy on the baby shark. 

That makes the bad dreams become good ones.✌🏼

Much love, Ta xo 

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