I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what my next blog topic would be. I started 3 different things and just left them unfinished. I was feeling scattered and clouded and like it was being forced. I like when the words and ideas just flow. So I decided to write this blog about what happens when you feel STUCK.

I could have just not written anything, but this has become a staple where I share my new blog post every week and I love it, so why would I stop now?!

How many times has that happened in your life?! Things are going so smooth. Everything feels so aligned. Momentum is rockin. Good vibes are happening. And then one day comes and nothing feels good. Everything feels all over the place like one foot can’t possibly go in front of the other. And you just STOP.

Please don’t confuse this with rest or reflection time, because that is a very necessary thing. I mean when one shitty day swoops in and you just stop doing the things that felt so great like 24 hours prior.

Whyyyyyyy do we do it?! Because we’re human. Because sometimes we have underlying guilt that makes us stop doing the things we know will bring us the most joy. Sometimes we don’t feel worthy of it. Honestly there’s a LOT of baggage and reasons of why we self sabotage and they vary from person to person. What I wanna share about tonight is moving past the stopping point no matter what baggage you still may be carrying.

This blog that’s spilling out of me NOW is exact proof that it’s possible to keep going even when you feel like everything around you is telling you to stop.

I literally couldn’t get anything going to feel powerful enough to share with you guys. It was annoying the crap out of me. I was feeling self deprecating, like who wants to even read my words anyway, whaaa whaaaa whaaaa. I was feeling stuck. Writers block is a real thang…but only if you give it all the power.

I decided on my drive over to dance to drop off Brae that because I couldn’t think of anything to blog about, I was gonna write about being totally stuck. Do you see the magic in that you guys?!

OWNING the fact that I was stuck and making the choice to move through it is allowing me to get UNSTUCK.

Read that once more…

It’s not rocket science my peeps. It CHOICES. It’s knowing that it’s not always gonna feel aligned. It’s honoring the fact that some days are gonna come with more weight on our shoulders and more barricades in our brains. But if we just talk about it and put it out there and show up to it as best we can in the moment, that’s progress, right?!

It’s like that saying, if you are feeling from the depths of your core that you don’t want to get up and workout, just do the first 5 minutes and see how you feel. 99% of the time, you’re gonna finish the whole workout. It was just those pesky 5 minutes you needed to get past to feel the flow. Even if it feels like crap, you still feel better in so many ways once it’s done!

Just like I know I will feel better once I post this blog up, because it means something special to me and I want to continue to show up to it even when I think I don’t feel like it.

Because that’s another powerful thing to understand…my true self KNOWS that showing up to things like this blog, any social media platform that I post on, my own nutrition and wellness, my mindset, is ALWAYS going to benefit me! Always!! It’s my ego and silly human brain that THINKS I don’t wanna do these things when my highest and best self always always does!

Does that make sense guys?! We never want to stop doing the things that make us feel amazing. Obvi, right?! But par for the course, it’s life and it happens. So…Here are a few simple bullet points I want to share with you that will hopefully help you shift from stuck to unstuck in a snap.

—-OWN what you’re stuck in. Phone a friend, post it, ask for help. Whatever you need to do, reach out to someone (I’m always here for YOU😘) and tell them exactly what you’re stuck in! Most times, that alone helps you move right on through it to get to the next step.

—-Instead of focusing on what you DON’T know, focus on what you DO know. Example, “I don’t know what to write about. I don’t know what matters. I don’t know what I’m doing. Does anyone even care.” Shift that to this, “I know that I love writing. I know that it feels good to share from the heart. I know that I’m here for a reason. I know that something good always comes from the struggle.”

Even though this exercise doesn’t solve the problem, it gives the problem way less power and affirming what I DO know makes me feel more centered and clear to take the next step!! Problems never go away, we just choose how to show up to them!!

—-Think about a time where you have helped someone else. Reflect back to any instance, could even be how you helped teach your kid to tie their shoes or ride a bike, could be that you gave a friend a ride home from work or paid for someone’s coffee in the drive thru line. Go back into that moment. Feel it. Embrace it. Relive the joy and know that if you have the ability to show up and help someone else in ANY capacity, you are more than able to show up for YOURSELF! Those tiny little moments you helped someone else probably felt really big for them…so the tiny ways you can give back to yourself add up to HUGE personal growth!!

I really hope these instances help you and serve to be reminders when you’re stuck in the mud. I’ve written this entire blog in the dance school parking lot and I’m already feeling more aligned just by sharing it and owning the space. Clarity came from the cluster. The words just started to flow once I realized the potential of being stuck in the mud. Because us humans are a lot like the lotus flower, we grow best right from the mud!

Much love,
Ta xoxo


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