You wake up in the morning. Get out of bed, ready for the day. Stretch. Smile. And then you stub your toe. Ughhhhhh.

You hobble to the bathroom to get in the shower and realize there aren’t any towels in the linen closet. You grab a hand towel and hope for the best.

In the shower, you’re regrouping and giving yourself a clean start -haha LITERALLY- and as you’re washing your hair, the shampoo seeps right into your eye. It hurts like a mofo. Then you think about how bad you feel when your kids have this happen and you tell them to get over it.

You hop out of the shower, dry yourself off with the hand towel and head to the kitchen. Coffee. Coffee will solve everything.

You pour a cup and it proceeds to pour all over the counter. So there you are, still damp from your tiny towel, furiously cleaning up coffee just mustering the strength to stay in a good place.

And then it happens…the words every human has muttered…”this is already the worst day, I’m so over it!”

Boom. The series of events that then set the tone for the rest of the day. The unfortunate happenings become our EXPECTATION for what’s to come. They become the FOCUS, so even if good things were to happen as the day continues, you would be so in tune to only the shit storm that carried on all from stubbing your toe!

Listen peeps, we are human! We are here to experience pain and frustration and annoyances. It’s part of the deal. But here’s the kicker, we are actually here to experience JOY in its purest forms and in order to do that, we have to learn to navigate the crap shoot moments! It’s that balance you hear everyone talking about.

I wanna share with you a few ways to help you focus less on the annoyances and more on the joy, and throw in a few tips on how to navigate the moments when you want to throat punch someone or lock yourself in the room with some noise cancelling headphones! Sound good?!

Ok…you may have heard us say over and over that “your thoughts create your reality” and that is 100% truth! You might be saying to yourself, I didn’t ASK to have an awful morning that led to an awful day. I didn’t manifest stubbing my toe or making a mess. And you’re right, you don’t create exact scenarios all the time…but somewhere in your thoughts lie CHAOS, NEGATIVITY, DOUBT or WORRY. Those thoughts are the ones that create crazy mornings like the one I shared above!

How many times have you said any of the following statements:

-I am not lucky enough.
-Things are just harder for me.
-It could be worse.
-I could never do that.
-It’s always something.
-Man I just can’t catch a break.
-What’s next on the shit list.
-When it rains, it pours.

Is your hand raised? Don’t lie, even my hand is raised, which is actually tricky when you’re trying to type!

We have all said statements like that and the sad part is, we BELIEVE THEM!!! We let them in and give them power. We allow those negative statements to define us! Mostly because we just don’t know that there’s a better way.

Guys. There’s a better way!

Just writing out those statements literally made me cringe inside because I used to say ALL of them, and my mindset was a hot mess!!! This shift doesn’t happen over night, but it can be as simple as changing the station on the radio. So here’s your first tip…catch yourself when you’re saying something like that!

The second that thought comes into your mind or comes out of your mouth, catch yourself! Acknowledge it! Remember what that thought is going to bring into your life. Statements and thoughts like that are never going to bring anything good into your life! Never.

Negativity will never create positivity. It just won’t! The only thing that creates positivity is positivity. They are 2 different radio stations guys. Which one are you dialing into?!

So when the thought comes pouncing it, because it will (they still pounce in on me) just take a sec and CHANGE THE STATION!

Here’s some statements you can use to counteract the ones from above:

-I am lucky and blessed.
-Things always workout for the best for me.
-Things come easy for me.
-I am surrounded and supported by love.
-Something amazing is happening today.
-I believe in miracles.

Here the thing guys…you might feel like total BS saying these at first, because you’re so hard wired to the REALITY of those negative thoughts! But that’s the thing…they are THOUGHTS, and no matter what you’re going through right now, those POSITIVE statements can be used and can become your TRUTH!!!

And like I mentioned before, this shift doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t mean that frustrations and annoyances will never happen if you think positive. Again, it’s all part of the package here being a human. What this shift does is helps you react differently to the annoyances. It helps you see the things that once would have thrown you over the edge as petty moments!

Once you learn to change the channel, you also learn where to place your personal power!! And that’s EVERYTHING!!

I still have chaotic moments and cluster F’s of days…what’s different is that I laugh at them now! I know there’s a lesson I need to learn or a realization I need to make. If chaos is a comin, I know my mind needs a reboot! If the hot mess express is going off the tracks, I know I need to get my mind right!

It’s so much easier to blame LIFE for our crappy circumstances, but it’s 100% on US! That’s a tough pill to swallow, but also the GREATEST GIFT EVER, because it shows you that’s YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!

We are not victims of our circumstances! We are just humans hard wired for survival instead of joy…so we need to retrain the way we think to change the way we live. Whew. That’s a biggie but are you starting to get it?!

Whatever you’re going through right now in this moment, you have the power to shift it! You have the power to navigate it in a new way. You have the ability to create a different outcome! One filled with more JOY!

I could go on and on for like ever about this, but I’m gonna wrap it here and will always circle back to mindset. It’s been a life changing experience being a person to transition from a negative mentality to a positive one, and it’s a huge part of the reason I’ve embraced this as a career. If I can make this shift, YOU CAN, too! Always here to help you find your WAE 😘😘

Shameless plug: if you’re ready to dig deeper into your mental growth, our Shift Release Connect Class on Sunday 9/15 is a perfect place to begin! Or join us at our mindset workshops Free Your Mind on 9/11 and Surviving to Thriving on 9/20! Can’t make those, book a private reiki sesh or jump into one of our awesome workouts (scheduled daily) to take a few moments for YOU!! Mindset work is a practice…the more you show up to it, the more it shows up for you!❤️❤️🙌🏻


Ta xox

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