As Reiki Practitioners, we view Reiki as an opportunity to connect with the whispers of your soul! This offering is a great way to relax the mind and body while clearing any blocked energy within you. We practice with light touch on head, arms, legs and feet. Client wears comfortable clothing and relaxes on a massage table, chair or on a soft cushion on the floor, all while nestled under soft blankets. We offer a lavender infused eye pillow at your first session to assist in quieting the mind.

Each private session lasts for approximately one hour. We begin the practice by asking the client if they have experienced reiki before and answer any questions. We then ask if there is a particular area or concern that you would like to focus on. Soft calming music is played with a guided meditation while transferring uplifting and calming energy to you, through our hands. Sending enriching energy to re-charge your 7 chakras (the centers in our body-where energy flows), with the intent of bringing you peace and an uplifted spirit. At the completion of reiki, we spend 15 minutes discussing your experience. The cost for a private session is currently $75.00

Local Group Reiki sessions by candle light, with a gentle flow and guided meditation are currently offered at 325 W Main St in Norton, MA- twice a month. Check out our current schedule in classes called “Shift/Release/Connect.”  Join our email list and receive monthly updates as well! The cost per class is currently $20.00

Virtual  Distant Reiki Sessions are also available. This type of session is 30 minutes of peace and consists of a guided meditation, while transferring uplifting energy to you. All from the comfort of your home…a quiet space is all that is required! We can connect virtually via Skype or Facebook messenger. The cost per session is currently $45.00

Clients express a refreshed and calming feeling upon completion. Our hope for you is that you will feel centered, grounded and peace within your mind, body and spirit.

Please contact us directly for more information or to schedule your private session. You can reach us at (508)838-1190 or email at

We look forward to connecting and humbled to share space with you.

All my best,

Bernie, Taren and Kate