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Palm Stone Power Set


3 healing stones to enhance your personal power and light!

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  • The Palm Stone Power Set is a pouch with 3 healing palm stones for you to carry with you anywhere, keep on your nightstand, in your car or even at your desk.
  • The 3 stones included are:
  • BLACK OBSIDIAN: A grounding stone of protection and blessings. It clears your personal energy. It boosts precognition.
  • BLACK SARDONYX: A stone of protection and strength. It attracts friends and good fortune. It boosts courage and communication.
  • BLUE ONYX: A stone of strength. It enhances intuition and will power. It boosts happiness and contentment.
  • These 3 stones together help you align in your personal power and serve as heart-filling tools to enhance your practice of peace and positivity. 
  • The stones can be used in meditation or even just held in your hands to say affirmations or blessings. 
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