Release & Renew Crystal Set


Renew your energy with these polished stones and positive affirmations!

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  • The Release & Renew Crystal set comes in a small purple velvet pouch and includes 3 polished crystal stones and a card with descriptions and affirmations.
  • We created the affirmations specifically to use while holding these stones in your hands and reciting the mantras.
  • This kit is intended to invite in RENEWAL!
  • The first stone is AMAZONITE: This stone is the blue/green color and encourages success and good fortune. It is used for truth and hope.
  • The second stone is RAINBOW MOONSTONE: This stone is white with some black flecks. It encourages gratitude and helps you reflect on new changes happening in life. This stone helps replenish your energy.
  • The third stone is AVENTURINE: This stone is green and encourages confidence and courage. It helps renew one’s optimism for life and assists in taking action.
  • Remember that these stones and crystals are a TOOL…the power to renew lies within you always, use these stones and affirmations to ignite that inside of you!
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