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Lavender Eye Pillow with Zen Zone Oil


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  • Our lavender eye pillow is made of 100% soft cotton.
  • The eye pillow is filled with the soothing scent of lavender and crafted with organic flax seed. 
  • Removable, machine washable cover is 4×8 inches and can be warmed up or cooled to alleviate stress or tension. 
  • The red eye pillows are paired with our Signature Scent, Zen Zone.
  • This essential oil roller is a special blend of organic oils that we created for use during reiki and meditation here at our studio.
  • Each roller contains crystals for extra healing, including rose quartz, amethyst and jasper.
  • Using the roller and the eye pillow together are PERFECT for your meditation practice! 
  • This makes an amazing gift of PEACE and CALM!
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