Our Online Chakra Course to help you connect with the energy within you!

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  • Boom Chakra Laka was first created as a 7-day Facebook group, but we decided to upload the videos to send directly to YOU in order to make it more accessible for those not on social media.
  • This course is self-paced, but meant to be completed in one week, learning about 1 Chakra per day. Feel free to learn at the pace that feels right to YOU, and know that you have access to all of this information for LIFE! 
  • Along with 8 videos (1 welcome video and 7 videos for the Chakras) you will get PDF documents sent to you that coincide with each Chakra. This essentially becomes a Chakra manual when you put it all together, and has space for you to journal what you learn.
  • Every video goes into detail for the specific Chakra, gives different hand placements and mantras to use to align the chakra, and helps you realize what chakras could be blocked or need aligning.
  • The videos are each about 5-7 minutes long, making this SIMPLE and super effective to help you raise your own self awareness.
  • This course is perfect for anyone curious about the Chakra System, anyone who is Reiki attuned or a great place to begin if you would like to get certified in Reiki; yet ANYONE can learn from this and really apply new practices to your own life! 
  • Please email or contact us as you go through this course with questions or feedback, we love being on this journey with you!
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