Align & Shine ~ Our Find Your WAE Chakra Clearing Card Deck


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  • This intention card deck was created by US for YOU, to help you feel aligned, centered and connected to your own amazing personal energy in your life!
  • This card deck contains 49 cards, 7 cards for each of the 7 main chakras. 
  • Each card has an image of the specific chakra on it, along with an affirmation and mantra to clear and align that energy wheel. 
  • The deck comes with a reference card, so even if you aren’t familiar with the chakras, you will know where each one is located and what it is connected to. 
  • To use: Simply shuffle the cards until one pops out or until you feel like you want to pull one…You can pull more than one if you would like. You can lay them out and select from there, as well. These cards are meant to become a part of your PERSONAL practice, so make it your own. When you pull a card, simply ask for the HIGHEST and BEST message for yourself in the moment. If you are reading someone else, you can clear the deck to restore the energy and ask for the best energy for your client. 
  • We hope you LOVE these cards and the messages of positivity, light and clarity that they will bring to your life! 
  • Cards are 4×4 in size, thick matte card stock and come in a tuck box for storing and carrying. 


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