One-on-One Mentoring Sessions


As a whole hearted intuitive mentor, I spent 20 plus years mentoring people professionally. I left the corporate world to serve on a more personal level with women seeking insight and guidance in their journey of life. I continued my education with The School of Online Business-Coaching Cognition courses that are certified by the International Coaching Federation.  I offer  “one on one mentoring sessions” in person and and virtually! I am also here to offer services to your business or team with corporate sessions and mindfulness trainings for the workplace. We will connect via skype, phone, text or e-mail- whichever option you feel most comfortable with….this is all about You!

What do mentoring sessions consist of? Together we will discuss your intentions in life, so you can tune into YOU and begin to take action on who it is you want to become! Perhaps you have no idea of the direction you want to take, yet you know there is something more to discover?  We will unfold the layers of your purpose in a trusted and safe environment. I require 3 sessions to allow us the time and space needed to implement your life’s action plan.

I am offering a FREE 15 minute consultation, to agree that there is a connection for you to flourish, then we will set up 3 (one hour each week) sessions to begin your new journey, where you will start looking at the possibilities of You! This package includes email communication during the process!  Package price is currently $279.00.

I also offer a more extensive package that includes- 9 weekly sessions (one our each week) – This is a great opportunity to really make time for the clarity that exists within you! Email communication during the process is also available. Package price is currently $789.00

You have the answers to the questions in your life and together YOU will Find Your WAE to shine that beautiful light that exists within you. Please call or email me to schedule your free 15 minute consultation at 508-838-1190 or

I will personally reach out to you and set up our meeting.

All my best,
Find Your WAE Founder