A dear friend sent me this meme today and I was cracking up and replied with, “OMG TRUTH!” And then as the day went on, I started thinking about it a little bit more. I then had an actual -WTF moment- because I’ve actually ASKED for some of what’s happening right now. Hang with me here…

Here are a few parts of my actual life vision:

⭐️Quality TIME with my family. I mean, that’s always been a huge driving force in my life, to soak up time with my family. I never expected a pandemic to force it upon us like this, but here we are. No activities to rush out to. No driving all over town in the mom-mobile. No events to attend. No packed schedule. Our days have been filled with pajamas, too much junk food and baking, board games, neighborhood walks and movie marathons. Each day gives us the gift of real TIME together. I mean, that time has always been there, we just thought we had to fill it in with all of this other stuff. For now, we can just BE.

⭐️Family dinners. It’s so rare that the 5 of us sit down and eat dinner together. It’s happened more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 10 years. I’m thankful that we are all healthy to really enjoy this time together. And also, we’ve realized how much we dislike listening to each other chew🤣😳

⭐️WAEbands to sell like hotcakes. I’ve always envisioned them flying out of the workshop and having order upon order, I just never imagined it would be for the safety and protection of our frontline medical workers. We are selling out of bands and donating HUNDREDS to keep nurses heads covered during their shifts. I’ve always loved our WAEband and the purpose it serves for workouts or no time for hair days, or bad hair days…and today I love it even more. I’m so grateful we have a product that serves a huge purpose at this time!

⭐️People embracing a mindset shift. I always manifest that people will learn to harness the power of their thoughts, and empower themselves in the process. I just never anticipated it to be such a massive movement in light of such crisis and chaos. To see people turning towards meditation, to see them working out at home, to see them having dance parties with their kids…it’s so inspiring!

⭐️For the world to LOVE technology for the amazing capacity of keeping us connected. I just never imagined it would be the only way we would be able to connect right now! So many of us are always worried about “screen time,” but today, it’s a beautiful gift to see all of the zoom calls, the FaceTime chats, the classrooms coming together virtually. It’s incredible to see videos of birthday parades, pictures of rainbows and teddy bears in the windows, and to see people closer than ever even when we are socially distant.

⭐️For light workers to be considered essential employees. I always envision people of positivity and passion standing up and helping and serving every day, I just never thought a pandemic would bring it bubbling to the surface. People are just hungry for the light instead of focusing on the dark! More people are turning off the 24/7 news and tuning into their inner selves. Compassion is leading more than comparison. Love is healing more than medicine can right now. Hope is keeping us going.

Moral of the story: I never would have put PANDEMIC on my vision board. I would never wish this upon anybody, but even in this crisis, there are so many blessings. There are so many beautiful moments being born from this quarantine. There are visions coming to reality, even if it’s not the way we expected.

The truth is, that’s how most things are delivered from the universe. Not in a perfect little package wrapped in a bow, but in a way we never expected. In a way that will allow us to grow more than we ever could on our own.

Life as we know it will forever be changed, and as we change and evolve, it can be better. It should be better. It will be better. If we choose to be.

Think about what you’re asking for today, what you’re envisioning and see if some of it is occurring even during this challenging time. You just may be amazed at what’s transpiring right in front of you❤️🙏🏻

Much love,

Ta xo

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