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Mom-Taxi-Cab Confessions

I grab my purse and toss it over my shoulder. I make sure the gate is closed so the dog doesn’t poop on the carpet. I step outside and panic for a second making sure I have my keys. It’s actually embarrassing how many times I have locked us out of the house.

My hands are full. Like, WHY am I always carrying 1002 things out the door. Most times, it’s a bottle of water, my superfood shake or a homemade iced coffee…or sometimes all 3! Because god forbid I leave the house without some form of hydration. I always carry water with me. Let’s face it, stopping at the store to get a drink is just whack.

I sit down and gracefully place all my drinks in their appropriate cup holders. I take a breath. We made it OUT THE DOOR! I’ve already won the day. Amiright?!

I make sure all the kids are sitting down and buckled up. It was an amazing moment the kids were all able to get themselves buckled on their own. That and putting on their own shoes. Game changing moments. Anywho. I slowly start rolling out of the driveway, and I hate to admit this, but before I even buckle my own seat belt, I put on lip gloss. Weird habit, I know but it happens every day!

Just as I’m safely buckled and tossing the car in drive, someone is already asking to turn up the radio or change the channel or wondering if we are gonna be late. [Speaking of late, I once always felt like I was 5 minutes late for LIFE…and then I realized saying that was creating more opportunity to be late. I now say this mantra: I am punctual and present and time is my friend! Guys. It works! Try it out!]

I calmly, sometimes calmly, manage to answer all their questions and get a song that everyone wants to jam to. And so begins a new day of mom taxi adventures!

I was always the mom who said, “I will never drive a mini van!” Well, I said that until I was pregnant with baby 3 and the realization of 2 kids in car seats and 1 in a booster hit me hard.

The day had come. Mini van time. And here we are, 8 years later, and I’m still rockin the mom mobile. With pride. And joy. I actually love it. And it makes the endless hours spent driving here and there a little more comfy and convenient.

So, each morning as I begin my taxi duties dropping 3 kids off a schools, I think back to my parents. They both worked full time out of the house, but still somehow managed to get us everywhere we needed to be. There are so many times I wonder how they did what they did. Full circle moments for sure!

And when my kiddos got bigger, they are now 14, 9 and 7, I felt totally overwhelmed on how to handle dance and karate and soccer and school and CCD and LIFE. There were many afternoons that called for me to literally be in 2 places at once…but I’m so thankful to have lots of great family and friends close by always willing to help. And there it was. That word. That feeling.


I realized I could complain my way through activities and keep saying how BUSY I was (sidenote, I loathe that word) or I could shift to gratitude.

If you take nothing else away from this, please take this and remember it daily…gratitude is the key to EVERYTHING!

I shifted my overwhelm of stress to an overwhelm of thanks…for having 3 healthy kids who are able to do lots of activities, go to school every day and spend time with their friends. Gratitude for having a career that allows me the freedom of TIME to be there for all of these moments. Gratitude for watching them do things they really love and enjoy.

All those hours spent in the car, they are hours of real life in this season we are in. They are moments for us to connect as a family, to talk about the day, to eat dinner out of ziplock baggies or even just sit in silence for a few minutes when needed. They are moments to sing out loud, take naps(jealous of that part) and just BE.

So tomorrow, when you make your way to your drivers seat, think about the opportunity you have on the open road in your mom taxi. The opportunity to LOVE and be present in the chaos! These moments may feel crazy, but they will surely be the ones we miss the most!

Much love, Ta xo

Weekly Happenings:

Badass workouts all ending with reiki and a guided meditation at the studio!

Speaking of Reiki: got a few private sessions available!

This Wednesday night,  my amazing aunt Julie Clapp will be doing a reading in our studio!

We also have an awesome vison board class JUST FOR TEENS!

I am helping lots of peeps start their personal wellness journeys…you can be one of them!

And our NEW CLASS, Meaning-Filled Meditation is this Sunday at 6:30am…you get a few minutes of reiki and an intuitive reading from us for your highest and best!

Looking forward to connecting with you!


Hey Purpose…Where you at, Bruh?


People are all like, I gotta find my purpose.

Listen, my purpose legit fell into my lap when I truly wasn’t even actively searching for it. But after a little time, I realized I really was working toward it my whole entire LIFE. I just didn’t know it!

Here’s the quick synopsis. I lived my whole childhood into adulthood making majority of my choices based on what someone else expected me to do. My family. My friends. Whatever relationships were prominent dictated how I lived my life. I dealt with crazy anxiety all during college and I now see so clearly that it was my soul trying SO hard to get me focused on MYSELF.

Then I became a mom at 22, graduated college with a degree in psychology and married at 23. And the cycle continued.

Though motherhood sparked a new feeling inside of me. Wasn’t sure what. But something shifted.

I started an at home daycare so I could be home with my kids. I went on countless interviews to get a job “in my field” but the thought of making only enough money to pay for daycare just didn’t feel right. Something felt off and I FINALLY listened.

Starting that at home daycare was a huge choice in that moment, but I didn’t realize the power. Stand by. I’m getting there.

So I popped out 2 more kids and kept on playing with tiny humans all day long and as my babies got bigger, I would start to have these thoughts: “when all my kids are in school, am I still gonna do this? Should I open up a daycare center? Uh no. Should I go stage houses for a living? That would be fun and I’d be really good at that. But I would only be able to work while the kids were all in school. Maybe I should go back and get my masters to start a private practice. But uhh I haven’t even paid off my student loans yet!”

Do you see. I was trying so hard to find my purpose by overthinking each scenario. Have you found yourself doing that?! Trying to control it all?! #guilty #recoveringcontrolfreak

So get this, I started a home workout program. I was deep in kids allll the timeeeee so I needed to find time for ME. Ding ding ding. I fell in love with this new experience. Not actually working out, I still don’t really love it, but I love the feeling I get from it! So come to find out, there was this whole coaching gig you could do where I could help people just like me. Well hey, that sounds awesome. Sign me up! All the while, WAE was being created behind the scenes with my mom and sister. All the shifts!

And now, 5 years later, I am helping people every day walk through similar experiences, and helping them wake up to it all a little faster than I did! I know that saying NO to a conventional 9-5 when Brae was a baby was a signal to me that I wasn’t here to go the safe route. I was here to explore what’s different and do things different. Which explains SO much about why I was always anxious, because in those moments I was just trying to be like everyone else! And our purpose is always rooted in being uniquely ourselves!

And there’s the story of how I found my purpose: the end. Hah! Every day actually still feels like a new beginning. So now that you get the gist, let’s focus on YOU!

Wherever you are right now is on purpose. Guiding you to your purpose. You might even be living it but not awake enough to notice!

Here’s the biggest lesson: your purpose comes screaming in when you’re ready to actually LIVE IT!

Here are 3 simple steps to getting there:

✨Meditate. Every day. You may want to scroll right past this now, but don’t and just trust me.

Meditation doesn’t mean you sit in stillness and quiet with celestial sun beams filtering all around you and the quiet bell of a singing bowl humming through your perfectly designed zen den.

Not. Even. Close. Meditation actually happens best for me while I’m washing dishes or in the shower. It’s something about the water that allows me to hear my INNER VOICE LOUDER THAN THE CHATTER!

Meditating first thing while you’re still sorta sleepy is the BEST because it’s easiest to tap into that space in between dreaming and awake…that’s where you can really LISTEN to that inner guidance. Kinda like our own personal Jiminy Crickets…except we let our SUB-conscious be our guide!

If you struggle like a mofo with this, we have guided meditations that help. Your mind WILL wander. Just allow and breathe into it.

✨Step 2 is start doing more things that make you happy and less things that make you pissed. Now you might be like YESSSSS I’m gonna go quit my job and sit on the beach all day with a frozen cocktail and not talk to anyone! While that sounds totally amazing, that’s not actually a way to LIVE. We are here having this human experience to do something impactful. A lot of people never take the time to tap into it. You already are by reading this! #winning

Listen, when you live in your purpose, you feel aligned, and while a vacation on the beach is always incredible, you won’t feel as desperate for the escape.

So, today, start thinking about what actually makes YOU happy. Not your spouse or significant other, not your kids, just YOU! The universe loooooveessss when you take care of yourself in those ways and honor yourself, so in those moments is where you will gain more clarity! An idea will pop in your head, something random will present itself to you that feels familiar, you might think your making shiz up in your head (I still think that’s sometimes) but that is the divine guidance we’re letting in to take the forefront! And once you start listening to that and taking action on it, more starts pouring in! Guys, that’s how I’m writing this entire blog. It’s literally just pouring out. It ain’t from me. It’s from my Jiminy Cricket!

✨The final step is to commit to something NEW for yourself. Maybe it’s an art class, a new gym. Could be a new way to eat, or going to a seminar that interests you! Even an online course…anything that is tangible and involves a commitment. For me, it was a 10 week workout program! It led me to a new awareness of health and wellness…when I am someone who would literally eat pizza every day, live off cookies and used to be a regular at the drive thru! It awakened me to total mind body wellness. Yes. I still eat cookies and pizza, but I’m so much more aware and literally guide people with their wellness on the daily! I never would have expected that, but it bloomed from COMMITMENT! Focusing on something just for you opens up so many new doors…and it’s so exciting to see where they lead!

Ok so you think you can handle those steps my peeps?! I believe in you and I know you can, because you are worthy and capable of doing things that light you up inside! It’s gonna feel wacky and uncomfortable at times, but it’s in the messes that the beauty grows and the purpose flows!

So much love for you,

Ta xo

Weekly happenings that YOU can be a part of:

~My Rise n’ Shine virtual accountability challenge begins this week—we will focus on beginning the day with self care and all around wellness!

~We have some AMAZING workout classes and meditations with Kate happening daily at the WAE studio!

~My mom and I have a few spots available for private reiki sessions…the perfect chance for you to restore and rejuvenate your energy! We also have Reiki certifications happening on Wednesday!

~We are now opening up enrollment for personal mentoring sessions! One hour sessions where we really dig into your blocks and highlight your strengths, and you leave each session with a call to action for your growth!

Hey, maybe something here could be one of your new steps 😉😉❤️

Hey Look Ma…I’m a blogger!

Truth be told, I tried blogging a few years ago. But I totally overthought it and it just didn’t feel authentic. This time, I just wanna keep it real. That’s my motto peeps. All the goodness is in the realness. So here’s a little backstory in case you’re new round here…

I’m Taren. 36. Not even lying, when I just wrote that I actually had to THINK about my age. Funny how that happens. Funny how lots of things happen…like marrying your high school boyfriend. Having your in-laws move across the street from your parents. Raising 3 amazing kids in the same schools we grew up in! #fullheartfosho

These days, I help run a family owned business with my mom and sister. You may have heard of it…Find Your WAE 😉What started with WAEbands has become a WAE BRAND- we offer so many varying opportunities for people to connect to themselves and really live in their LIGHT! Workouts. Workshops. Reiki. Meditation. Mentoring. WAEbands. All the things!

In addition to our WAE world, I am an online wellness coach and mentor! I help people from all over the country with their well-being…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! I really like to call myself an intuitive mentor because it’s not about washboard abs or what you look like…it’s about what you FEEL like!

To do that, I help them use simple tools, like workouts and nutrition to really dig into who they are and who they’re meant to be! We all love to chow pizza and cookies and have cocktails so we keep it real 24/7! We call ourselves the Stronger Every Day crew, because that’s the goal…to learn and grow each day while lovin ourselves right where we are at!

I have totally fallen in love with helping women start their own businesses! Be it network marketing or any new venture, there’s no greater advice to be given than what your livin! We’re kindred spirits…so let’s grow together, shall we?!

I’m also working on a few other fun projects right now that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! Honestly, these gigs have allowed me to foster a creative side that has always been a part of who I am! Like, I loooooove HGTV and decorating for holidays and paint nights and music and concerts and arts of all kinds! AND WRITING!!! So being able to be creative with social media, marketing and making WAEbands has helped me connect to that piece of me!

As adults it’s super easy to forget about those little things that make us who we are…would totally love to hear about yours, so make sure ya share with me when you’re done reading, k?!

Truly…It’s sort of surreal as I type these words. That I have a blog that you actually are interested in reading. That I have a platform to share my voice and passions in the hopes that you can do the same! Guys, I was always the wallflower…and truth is I’m really content with still being one! But when you open up the door to MORE, you can’t just shut it! It’s like a floodgate and the opportunities to share and grow just keep getting better and better! And if my words or vibes can help even 1 HUMAN take a step toward their own light, it’s worth every single minute! In fact, I’m completely humbled to have helped hundreds of people and call it my career. Huge gratitude! And a huge shift coming from someone who used to refer to herself as “just a stay at home mom running an at home daycare.”

I was never just a mom, just as you aren’t “JUST SOMEONE” right now either!

You have been divinely created. You’re a masterpiece. You’re unique and weird and beautiful and my goal with this blog is to help you be exactly who you’re supposed to be. To stand in your light and own your personal power. Can I get an amen on a Wednesday?!

I’m gonna share all sorts of stuff from mom life to mindset and marriage and wellness to how much I really despise kale! Random but it just tastes like dirt to me. #whoknew

Excited to connect to you guys in this new WAE…see what I did there?!

Oh, if you couldn’t tell, I love sarcasm as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings and I also have a favorite pastime of quoting movies and having full text conversations using gifs!

Ok. There will be plenty of more time for me to share tid-bits about myself, but mostly, I’m sharing so that YOU can share, too! So start telling me your story! Can’t wait to hear it!

Love you!
Ta xo

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