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Sweet Dreams. Well, Sorta…

I had a dream last night that one of my reiki sessions was a disaster😂

I was late. The bed wasn’t even made before the client got there. All the kids were there like running around and being loud, yet I still started reiki. Then my mom came bombing into the room to vacuum under the reiki bed and all around, giving me the “just 1 minute” signal. 

Mind you, because the kids were all there, they were late for school. A school that I couldn’t find for some reason. It was in another town. And we had to walk there. 

But this town happened to be on the water. So we went down to the beach. I was still so angry. Chuck found a baby shark and wanted to take it home and put it in a fish tank. Then I woke up. 

Can we talk about a full on anxiety dream😂🤯

When we dream about being late or being interrupted it can represent the inability to reach a new level…like a suppressed feeling of expectation that is placed upon ourselves. They both also represent FEAR. 

Ummm whoa. 

It’s crazy how we can feel like we have worked through things and overcome limiting beliefs, and then BAM, they show up and wake your ass up out of a perfectly sound sleep🤣👊🏻

So cue the shark. I knew I had to look up the spiritual meaning to see if there was any insight there to move through the fear and expectations.  

“The shark spirit gives you the ability to come out head up from any situation, no matter how hard it may seem. The spirit animal shark is here to show you that you don’t need to evolve. You are perfect just the way you are.” 

Well. There you are, HIGHER SELF. Thanks for showing up through that shit storm. Appreciate it👏🏻👏🏻

That’s how life works, peeps. No it’s not always as weirdly laid out as a dream, but it can feel chaotic and wild. Remember that your higher self is ALWAYS AVAILABLE for support and guidance in the clusters. 

Focus your energy on the baby shark. 

That makes the bad dreams become good ones.✌🏼

Much love, Ta xo 

When comparisons fall away, compassion comes to play…

The second you think you’re better than someone else is the same second you prove that you aren’t. 

My father in law said that recently as we were chatting. My Gramp used to say, “you aren’t better than anyone and no is one is better than you.” Pretty lucky to have these dudes filled with wisdom in my life! 

This got me thinking, why do we have this constant need to prove our worth against someone else’s? 

We weren’t put on this earth to compete with each other on who lives life better. We were all placed in this existence to learn from one another, support one another and enhance our life experiences! 

It would be so boring if everyone made the same exact choices. Free will is what makes life invigorating. 

Next time you find yourself playing the comparison game, hit the pause button. Take a breath. Ask yourself why you feel better or less than them. Be real with yourself. Because any feelings you ever have toward someone else are more about YOU than they are about THEM. 

When you live life through that lens, comparisons fall away and compassion comes to play! 

Much love, 

Ta xo 

Do You Ask for HELP?

I was on a walk recently with my sister. We were chatting about what it really means to ask for help. It’s a skill we are both working on😉🫠

Both of us realized that when we have accepted help in the past, we sort of forget that we had anything to do with it and put all the appreciation on whoever else was involved. 

We tend to think less of ourselves inadvertently because we feel like “we couldn’t have done it without them.” 

So instead of honoring our own part in the journey of helping ourselves, we give everyone else the credit. 

Maybe we think it keeps up humble. Or maybe we just need to level up our own self belief. 

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. 

It’s not someone doing it FOR you. 

They are doing it WITH you! 

It’s so easy to allow our pride and ego get in the way of accepting assistance. We wanna be strong and capable and stand on our own 2 feet and yada yada yada. 

That’s all fine and well. But what the heck are we trying to prove? 

Why is it a “bad thing” to accept help or guidance or advice from people who are WILLING and ABLE to offer it? 

I truly believe that we all have our own true innate strengths so we can share them with the people who may lack in those same areas. We have the chance to come together and learn from each other! 

For example, the other day I was talking to my hubbs after work. I looked right at him and said, “I am resigning from being the financial manager of our family. I am giving my 2 weeks notice. I am good at a LOT of things when it comes to taking care of the fam, but I’m not the best fit for this specific position.I appreciate the opportunity. Good day, sir.” 

Guys. It’s ok to not be GOOD at EVERYTHING. Recovering perfectionist, here. There comes a time where we can acknowledge the areas we need some extra HELP to get the job done right. It’s not a cop-out or an excuse. It’s honoring your skill set and outsourcing the rest! 

I relinquished my duty as CFO because Nick is WAE better at money than me. He can have $100 in his wallet for like 3 months. I manage to spend it before it’s even in my hand🤣😬

I desire to honor money in a healthier way. Nick already does that. So it makes sense for him to forge the path. Get what I’m saying here?! 

Often times asking for help is going to make life better for EVERYONE involved! It’s TEAM WORK peeps! And YOU initiating the help makes you just as effective and responsible for the outcome as the person helping you!! 

Next time you’re feeling shaky about asking for assistance, remind yourself that you are STRONGER for doing it! 

It’s growth. 

It’s necessary.

You aren’t here to struggle on your own. You are here to be a part of something bigger. So let yourself be❤️

Much love, 

Ta xo

Self-Celebration or Self-Deprecation?

“Why does it feel more normal to self deprecate than self celebrate?”

There is nothing I love more that when a little kid gets dressed in an outfit they they think is simply outstanding. They strut out, feeling confident and empowered. They spin around to show everyone what they chose. They look in the mirror and smile! They don’t need approval from anyone…they are truly happy within themselves. 

It’s the BEST, right?! 

But then maybe we tell them it doesn’t match, or it looks weird or suggest something else. Listen, we don’t want to contain them, we just are doing what we know. What was done to us as kids. 

When we know better, we can do better. 

By the time my third kid came around, I not only didn’t have the wherewithal to argue her wardrobe choices, I realized her opinion of herself meant so much more than mine. And that was what I wanted to honor! 

She would leave the house in the middle of summer wearing cowboy boots, a winter vest, workout shorts and a princess shirt with as many necklaces as Mr. T and as long as she was clothed, we were out the door! 

Again, this was partly survival, and mostly Chuck being very sure of herself. 

Now flash forward to when that little kid so confident in their outfit choice steps out of a dressing room as an adult to ask how they look? 

Do they spin the same way? 

Do they smile at themselves in the mirror? 

Do they forget that they never needed anyone else’s opinion or approval? 

For some reason, the purity we are bestowed with at kids gets so tainted, which is exactly why we shift from self celebration to self deprecation. 

We are taught to hold others opinions higher than our own. Like the opinions of our teachers and parents. What they think of us dictates how we function in day to day life. So we stop feeling confident in our own choices and start to look OUTWARD for our validation. 

We see more of our limitations as opposed to our strengths. 

We may not feel as certain about our choices so stepping out and spinning in celebration for our sheer awesomeness doesn’t feel right. 

How whack is that?! 

It so does NOT have to be like this! 

If we can continue to teach our children and ourselves NOW that our OWN OPINION about ourselves means the most in the whole wide world, maybe then self celebration can be the NORM! 

It has to start from WITHIN! 

Or how about this…how uncomfortable do you feel when you come across a super confident adult? Someone who walks in and says, “I am so happy! I love my outfit and I look damn good in it!” 

We call them cocky. 

We judge them for being full of themselves. 

Again. How WHACK is that?! 

Why oh WHY do we think it’s wrong to LOVE yourself and witness someone self celebrating?

It makes us uncomfortable because we don’t know how to do it for ourselves. 

So next time you see someone spinning in their own celebration, instead of judging them, cheer them on. That will make you one step closer for yourself. 

Self deprecation is a learned behavior. So we can unlearn it. It takes self awareness, practice and a whole lotta patience! 

You deserve to be celebrated! It looks SO GOOD ON YOU! 

Much love, Ta xo 

A Validation Situation…

A validation situation.

I read this quote that really stuck with me…”if you talk to more than 2 people about the same problem, you’re not seeking advice, you’re seeking attention.” 

And I was like DAMNNNN. 

I honestly wish I could remember who wrote it or where I saw it, but the point is, it was so powerful it stayed with me. And of course, got me thinking. 

It’s so frequent that we share our problems and woes as a means of venting or letting off steam. But how often are we willing to listen to advice from whoever we are venting to?? 

We tend to unleash the fury of frustration, but are we seeking a solution or just focusing on the problem?? 

When it comes down to it, if we really wanted the solution, we probably wouldn’t need to talk to more than one person. Because the answers we always need are already within us, sometimes gushing it all out helps us gain the clarity we need in the moment. 

So let’s get back to that quote. If we aren’t seeking the solution, we are seeking attention. 

Now that can seem kinda harsh, right?! Like wait, we don’t WANT these problems. 

Sometimes, we are subconsciously seeking attention because what we really seek is VALIDATION. We want to be heard. We want to be recognized for our feelings. We want to see someone else value our worth. We need that validation that our problems MUST be at the helm of someone else, and not ourselves. 

So we share our issues with whoever will listen, still seeking that validation. For the people to listen, to understand “your side”, to agree with you in some way, shape or form. So even if the person or situation doesn’t see it, everyone else will and we feel a mere sense of validation. 

Here’s the prob with that. Those little peeks of understanding are not going to heal the wound. 

The ultimate validation has to come from WITHIN! 

Listen, I know it’s totally annoying, but it’s true! 

If we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for our measure of worth, we will forever be disappointed. 

It’s gotta be an inside job. 

Now you might be wondering how the heck you do that. I hope this helps: 

Break down the problem. Whether it’s an issue with family, marriage, work, kids or life in general, literally lay out the issue. And do this without seeing sides or who is right or wrong. Just lay it out from any angle possible. 

Then take your portion of pain and separate it from anyone else involved, because your pain is yours, and theirs is theirs. And no one’s pain is more valid than someone else’s. 

Look at your pain point. Analyze the shit out of it. Literally imagine that you are taking that pain point and wrapping it in a lil blankie and rocking it like a baby. 

Nurture your own pain. Like it’s your job. Because it is. Literally, it’s no one else’s responsibility to handle your pain. Period.

So once you swaddle up that pain, give yourself grace. It’s really easy to notice the pain and then punish yourself for having feelings. Or diminish it, call yourself names or start the whole damn cycle over again. 

“Grace. Upon grace. Upon grace.” Another quote that stuck with me from one of my fav authors Shauna Niequist. 

You hold your pain. You nurture it. You forgive yourself if you must. You send that pain love and you can realize why YOU have reacted the way you did. And you see how you can change the energy within yourself without even talking to the other parties involved. 

Take a breath and then take a look at the whole problem again. Now, you can’t take the others persons pain and go thru that process for them, that’s a choice they would have to actively make themselves. But maybe, just maybe, you could start to understand that their own baggage and feels and life experience has influenced them in their behaviors. 

The problem starts to fade away and opens up the chance to see more of a solution. And you get to show up knowing that you already have all the validation you need. 


It lessens the need to fight and paves the path to DISCUSS. To UNDERSTAND. To disagree without this underlying need to be RIGHT, and learn how to just BE! 

Imagine how much less stress you will feel once you stop seeking validation from everyone else and start trusting that your own is all you really need! Life changer FO SHO! 

We all have those validation situations, and I promise I’ll keep working on mine right alongside of you! 

Much love, 

Ta xo 

Exhaustion is not a badge of honor.

Can we please stop wearing EXHAUSTION as some badge of honor? 

Somewhere along the way, we have been conditioned to think that BUSY and TIRED equate to SUCCESS, because if we are wiped out then that must mean we are doing a lot and being productive and blah blah blah. 

You wanna know what SUCCESS really looks like?! 

It’s cranking the shit out of life when you feel energized and resting and recovering when you don’t. 

But life isn’t built to ALLOW us that flexibility. It’s built in these schedules of work, school, business hours, etc. Leaving us at the mercy of a calendar to align our lives to, not the other way around. 

Which leaves us in a desperate place of having no other choice than to PUSH ourselves to produce even when we are depleted.

Which, you guessed it, creates stress, anxiety, depression and this cycle of feeling exhausted just thinking about things we have to do. 

Listen, we are humans and we have human responsibilities. Jobs. Families. Bills to pay. And we have to show up to those facets of life every day. But someone else made the rules for us that we need to follow, and that’s where we hit that wall. 

The resistance. 

The overwhelm.

The exhaustion. 

And we walk around proclaiming it because, well, isn’t everyone just effin tired, and we all celebrate in the fact that we are knowingly and willingly burning ourselves OUT. 

Who. Made. This. Shit. Up. 

I know we can’t change the set schedules for most things, but we sure can change our level of functioning to better suit our own needs and well being! 

No one else is gonna do that for us. 

So let’s start by removing the TIRED BADGE and replace it with a big ass trophy we can put next to us when we lay down on the couch to relax or REPLY NO to something we aren’t feeling. We can look at that golden trophy (yes, I imagine it is gold and shiny) and be proud AF that we are honoring ourselves in the moment. 

And we can also raise it up overhead when we are conquering life, making moves, embracing change and loving on ourselves!!

I will be the one slow clapping to your efforts of self care!❤️

Much love, 

Ta xo 

Why I am breaking up with BALANCE…

Balance. What an overused word these days. I am ready to end my relationship with the word balance. And here’s why… 

I feel like we are constantly working towards maintaining this impossible state of balance in our lives, and always left feeling disappointed and defeated when it doesn’t happen. 

Or even if it miraculously does happen, it’s for like 3 minutes, right?! 

Because the house will get messy again. The bills will need to be paid again. The fridge will need to be stocked again. The workout will need to happen again. The mediation will be necessary again. The water will need to be chugged again. The kids will need a ride somewhere again. The project will have a deadline again. 

These are ongoing life moments, that we are BLESSED to be able to experience…whether or not we decide to be grateful for it is totally our choice. 

But why are we waiting for this pinnacle moment when it’s all “taken care” of? Won’t that mean life is sorta done?! 

And why do we maintain this expectation that we are supposed to have it all taken care of at the -EXACT SAME- time or capacity? 

Guys! Perfect balance in our lives is impossible. There will always be something that requires more of our effort or attention at any given time. And there is nothing WRONG with that! That’s LIFE! So why the F do we get angry or frustrated about it? As we work tirelessly to have it all balanced out. 

Listen, go stand on one foot for 30 seconds. Chances are, it’s a little shaky, might fall over, might not feel so hot. Do we intentionally walk around on one foot all day willingly? Probably not by choice, right?! 

So why is it that we are presently doing one thing (say, family time) while we are thinking about the laundry or the work deadline or the client who needs us? Then we bury ourselves in guilt for feeling like we can’t MANAGE all of it. 

It’s exactly like trying to just stand on one foot. We are choosing to struggle, instead of understanding that there will always be things in life that will require MORE of us at any given time. 

More effort. More heart. More love. More time. More mental strength. More emotion. More creativity. 

And if we are giving something more, then something else will be getting a little less, and there will always be a natural imbalance that we really should just start to EMBRACE!! 

I’m not saying that we can’t have it all and do it all. But do we really HAVE to?! That’s all a choice, too, peeps. I’m simply saying let’s replace the word balance with HARMONY! 

Accept the imbalances. 

If the house is a mess but you’re playing with the kids, find the harmony in the present moment of joy. If work has been slammed but you’re making shit happen, find the harmony in your efforts! If you feel bad for taking time for yourself because the to-do list is a mile long, find harmony in your choice to make yourself a priority in YOUR OWN LIFE! 

Balance is a bad word, not because of its meaning in the dictionary, but for what we allow it to mean for ourselves! 

We define ourselves based on our productivity, our success, the size of our pants and how much we appear to have our shit together. 

And it’s effin exhausting. It’s no way to live. But who says we have to? Social media? Marketing ads? Other people you “see” who seem to be doing it all better than you? 

I call bullshit. 

I want harmony. In fact, here and now I am declaring my desire for HARMONY to the universe and I am open to enjoying harmony in all the areas of my life! 

Mmmmhmmmmm. That feels good just to SAY, doesn’t it?! 

I’m gonna end with this…when you see someone actually balancing themselves, like on a balance beam or a tightrope, it’s totally nerve wracking and only lasts a few seconds or minutes. No more than a few moments of time are they holding themselves steady. And it looks so damn hard and I’m often sweating as I witness it. So why, oh why do make that a GOAL? Whyyyyy do we try to live every moment of our lives BALANCING? 

It’s like instant stress ball syndrome, and who needs another reason to be a sweaty mess? 

I encourage you to release the need and urgency for balance, and invite in more harmony…just for a second, just to see how it feels😉

Much love, Ta xoxo

How we MANIFESTED our new house…

Tomato Taren after the morning run today! Snapped a selfie in front of the new house❤️🙏🏻 And here’s the story of how we landed here…

In October, my mom FaceTimed me and told me their neighbor was selling their house and there were a gazillion people looking at it. She looked at me and said, “sell your house, move in here, we will all get the house and do the in-law like we always talked about.” 

I said, “😳HUH? You want the 5 of us to come live in your basement? You cray?!” 

Somethin told her to call me. Somethin told me to listen. It was a CRAZY idea, with so many reasons why we shouldn’t do it. Like a global pandemic, for one. Was the timing right? Should we wait a few years like we planned? Should we just add on here?

Well…Within a month, we moved out, had the house on the market for 3 days and had an accepted offer for 30K over asking! Sometimes you gotta go the crazy route.

WOWZA, right?! 

It all just lined up. While we busted our asses to get the house ready😂

Remember that manifesting does always take EFFORT, but not FORCE. 

K, keep that in mind! 

So we paid off some debt, started saving more money and come the spring we were READY to BUY. 

And the market was a shit show. We put in an offer, got outbid by 50 THOUSAND dollars. 

I was like WTF did we do?!😬😫 Did we make a mistake? All we can afford now is what we just sold? How are we gonna live in the basement forever?🤪

I had about 2 weeks where I wanted answers, I wanted action, I wanted a damn house and I was stomping my feet about it. Until I realized all that was gonna do is block it from happening. 

So I surrendered. I went over the list in my head of all the GOOD that came from selling and started to think about how incredible it would be to find our house. I had everyone in the fam write a list of what they wanted in the house. I envisioned it. 

A few days later, I woke up at 6am to a text from my bestie real estate agent that she sent to me at 3am. Yeah, she’s that dedicated🤣

It read, “address, bonus room can be the In-law, WAE retreats in the backyard.” 

That was it. So I searched the property. We had seen it on the market, then off the market, then on again. But it was way over our budget. 

I drove by it anyway. And then texted my bestie agent and said I wanted to see it. 

Her reply, “the sellers agent will be there at 3 today with other people who are ready to make an offer. So if you love it, you gotta take action TODAY.” 

Again. WTF! Today?! I can’t even afford this? Nick is at work? OMG. 

My parents both happened to be home (not coincidence, it’s synchronicity peeps) so they came with me. We walked in the back yard and on the patio was a Buddha statue. We walked in the house and we just knew THIS was what we were waiting for. 

We left, called the bestie, crunched the numbers, made an offer. HOLY SHIT. 

15 hours later, the offer was accepted! HOLY SHIT.

What a moment! Then we knew it was going to be a few months until closing as the sellers were building a new space. And let me tell you, little thing after little thing happened, tiny problems or hiccups, and every time it happened, I knew it was the universe asking me how much FAITH I had in this. How much did I trust ALL the guidance that let us here? 

So we kept going, kept believing that all would fall into place. 

And it did! And on closing day at our final walkthrough, the hydrangeas were in full bloom and the house key was on a lighthouse key chain. Those are 2 HUGE spiritual signs for me (see pic with my tattoo I’ve had since last year😉) so to see them in that specific moment was everything! 

We can make all the plans in the world WAE Tribe, but when we loosen the reigns and just TRUST, it brings us to a place even better than we could imagine!! 

It’s hard to let go of the control, but it’s also so FREEING! 10/10 recommend from this recovering control freak😂

If we can manifest a house, what the heck is stopping you from manifesting your dreams?! 

I bet the only thing holding you back are the thoughts you have that you CAN’T DO IT.  



Much love, Ta xoxo

B TEAM Mentality…

A couple months ago, Bubbs {my 10 year old son} tried out for the town competitive soccer team. Soccer is his thing. He loves it. He gages each day based off when he will play a game or practice. He especially loves being a part of a team with his friends.

The team this year was combining 2 age groups, so cuts had to be made. He was nervous, but went out and did his best. He was focused in try-outs. Showed up. Had fun. And left it all on the field.

He was up at 6am anxiously awaiting the team roster to be posted. Not gonna lie, I was just as anxious. I knew he had the skill set and attitude to make it, but in life, we know there are no guarantees.

A couple hours passed and I checked my email. Subject header: U12 Competitive Team.

We were all in the kitchen, so I casually opened it. And it was like a hard punch to the gut. Thank you for participating and I’m sorry to make this hard decision, but you didn’t make the team.

I wanted to puke. Not because he didn’t make it. Because I had to TELL HIM that he didn’t make it. How could I say it? Just come out with it? Ease him in? This was one of those defining life moments, right?!

Like the hard life lesson of sometimes ya win, sometimes ya don’t. But I was determined to share this information with the message of “THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.”

But again, HOW do I make that message clear when he in fact, didn’t make the cut?!

I shared the news. He just held his head in his hands for a minute. Didn’t run away or cry hysterically, didn’t get overly angry. He just felt it.

The pain of not making the cut.

We ALL know what that feels like. We go through the list in our heads of all the reasons we aren’t good enough. But I wanted this to be different for him. I didn’t want him to think he wasn’t skilled enough, or too small. I wanted to reinforce that greatness isn’t something that can defined by someone else.

Greatness is an inside job.

A moment like that, not making a team as a kid, can have a lasting effect. I’m gonna call it the B TEAM MENTALITY.

I was so careful with the words I used with Bubbs because I knew how fragile that moment was for the rest of his life! I knew that because I had a similar moment as a kid and I 100% developed the B Team mentality. I’m finally working my way out of it as a grown adult!

We fail once, or don’t reach a desired goal, and we go into every new situation with this feeling: maybe I’m not good enough. And we do this as a form of SELF PROTECTION. We don’t want to feel that ache of disappointment again. We don’t want to get our hopes up. We don’t want to believe that we can actually do it. Because that’s so much harder than just settling for the failure.

It’s easier to go into something with a “meh” attitude because we feel like we will be ready for the blow, if and when it comes.

But when we do that, we aren’t actually living up to our full potential! We think it’s serving us, when it’s really just HOLDING US BACK!!!

I wanted him to really feel the pain of it, to know that it’s just as powerful as the joy and elation of success!! What a gift as parents to be able to give our kids a better perspective on failures, right?!

Pain hurts.

Joy doesn’t.

But the level of emotion with both is the SAME! All encompassing, consuming, life altering emotion. We can decide how we let it affect us!

We can also decide how much power we give to someone else’s opinion of our greatness. We show up our whole lives to things like sports teams, or colleges, or job interviews, waiting to embrace a new opportunity based on someone else’s judgment to allow us to begin.

We show up with our full selves seeking acceptance in this way. But do we ever stop to truly ACCEPT OURSELVES?!

I really believe that we remove the B Team mentality when we fully accept ourselves in spite of failures or missed opportunities. It’s in this level of self compassion and understanding that we continue to show up for what we want without the fear of disappointment. Instead we embrace the growth and the fun of TRYING!

I’m happy to say that Bubbs is still playing soccer, with some new buddies he hasn’t played with before. It’s giving him a new opportunity to learn, have fun and make even more friends. And he is just as excited for every practice and every game.

There will be plenty of more tryouts for him in his life, and moments of doubt and failure are a guarantee, but my hope for him is that no matter what he’s doing, it’s with an A Team mentality! Because that’s what he deserves. And SO DO YOU!

So if you have been too afraid to try something because you may fail, I encourage you to take a breath, take a chance and take a look at yourself. Accept yourself for ALL that you ARE today. Because you are incredible!

Much love,

Ta xo

NONE of this was on my vision board…or, was it?

A dear friend sent me this meme today and I was cracking up and replied with, “OMG TRUTH!” And then as the day went on, I started thinking about it a little bit more. I then had an actual -WTF moment- because I’ve actually ASKED for some of what’s happening right now. Hang with me here…

Here are a few parts of my actual life vision:

⭐️Quality TIME with my family. I mean, that’s always been a huge driving force in my life, to soak up time with my family. I never expected a pandemic to force it upon us like this, but here we are. No activities to rush out to. No driving all over town in the mom-mobile. No events to attend. No packed schedule. Our days have been filled with pajamas, too much junk food and baking, board games, neighborhood walks and movie marathons. Each day gives us the gift of real TIME together. I mean, that time has always been there, we just thought we had to fill it in with all of this other stuff. For now, we can just BE.

⭐️Family dinners. It’s so rare that the 5 of us sit down and eat dinner together. It’s happened more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 10 years. I’m thankful that we are all healthy to really enjoy this time together. And also, we’ve realized how much we dislike listening to each other chew🤣😳

⭐️WAEbands to sell like hotcakes. I’ve always envisioned them flying out of the workshop and having order upon order, I just never imagined it would be for the safety and protection of our frontline medical workers. We are selling out of bands and donating HUNDREDS to keep nurses heads covered during their shifts. I’ve always loved our WAEband and the purpose it serves for workouts or no time for hair days, or bad hair days…and today I love it even more. I’m so grateful we have a product that serves a huge purpose at this time!

⭐️People embracing a mindset shift. I always manifest that people will learn to harness the power of their thoughts, and empower themselves in the process. I just never anticipated it to be such a massive movement in light of such crisis and chaos. To see people turning towards meditation, to see them working out at home, to see them having dance parties with their kids…it’s so inspiring!

⭐️For the world to LOVE technology for the amazing capacity of keeping us connected. I just never imagined it would be the only way we would be able to connect right now! So many of us are always worried about “screen time,” but today, it’s a beautiful gift to see all of the zoom calls, the FaceTime chats, the classrooms coming together virtually. It’s incredible to see videos of birthday parades, pictures of rainbows and teddy bears in the windows, and to see people closer than ever even when we are socially distant.

⭐️For light workers to be considered essential employees. I always envision people of positivity and passion standing up and helping and serving every day, I just never thought a pandemic would bring it bubbling to the surface. People are just hungry for the light instead of focusing on the dark! More people are turning off the 24/7 news and tuning into their inner selves. Compassion is leading more than comparison. Love is healing more than medicine can right now. Hope is keeping us going.

Moral of the story: I never would have put PANDEMIC on my vision board. I would never wish this upon anybody, but even in this crisis, there are so many blessings. There are so many beautiful moments being born from this quarantine. There are visions coming to reality, even if it’s not the way we expected.

The truth is, that’s how most things are delivered from the universe. Not in a perfect little package wrapped in a bow, but in a way we never expected. In a way that will allow us to grow more than we ever could on our own.

Life as we know it will forever be changed, and as we change and evolve, it can be better. It should be better. It will be better. If we choose to be.

Think about what you’re asking for today, what you’re envisioning and see if some of it is occurring even during this challenging time. You just may be amazed at what’s transpiring right in front of you❤️🙏🏻

Much love,

Ta xo

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