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Surrender to the Slow Down

Speeeeeeding thru life…

This morning was the type where you schedule yourself to be in multiple places at once, knowing it’s going to rushed and crazy, but still make all the commitments because you can’t just say NO.

Yup. That was me. Hauling ass here and there and getting ready to drive an hour away to catch the second half of one of Bubbs soccer games.

And then it happened.

The blue lights flashing.

My heart in my throat.

Instant palm to forehead moment.

I put on my blinker. I pulled over. I stopped. I breathed. I couldn’t even ask WHY I was being pulled over. I knew why. I was literally rushing, so I know I was going too fast.

The lovely officer came to the window and asked for all the things. She said, “it was 42 in a 30.”

I buried my head in my hands and said, “yes that’s correct. Though in my head it was 100 in a 30.” She smiled. I apologized.

A moment later she came back and offered me a verbal warning. I looked at her and said “THANK YOU. I have been piling too much on my plate and trying to be in too many places at once and the universe knew I needed to SLOW DOWN.”

She smiled and told me to take a breath, actually, she called it a “woosaaaa” moment which I loved, told me to sip my coffee and just slow down.

It was the most peaceful moment of law breaking.

No but for real, I’m not trying to joke about driving too fast, it’s reckless and totally unnecessary. But we all do it sometimes. We get caught up and feel this urge to fly thru life just to make sure we are checking off all the boxes.

Why do we feel like we always need to be in a hurry to get to the next place? Live the next moment?

We truly need to slow down. It’s ok to reroute plans. It’s ok to pivot. It’s ok to say “no I actually can’t make it.” Because sometimes when we don’t listen to those nudges from the universe, someone else needs to tell us.

I’m thankful for the kind officer today, for her words of wisdom that went far beyond the rules of the road.

After one more deep breath, I turned around and went home. I texted Nick and Bubbs to let them know I wouldn’t make it and everything worked out just fine.

Bubbs won his game! Nick gave me the play by play! And I enjoyed the rest of my ice coffee in my comfy chair while the girls chilled.

Surrender to the slow down friends. Or those blue lights might be in your rear view mirror next!

Much love, Ta xo

10/10 RECOMMEND👏🏻👏🏻

I was thinking this morning of some of the things I’ve done this year to vastly improve my mindset and mental well being while also helping me detach from societal norms.

10/10 recommend👏🏻👏🏻

ALL of it has to do with CONSUMING!! Which I didn’t even notice until I started writing this!

I knew I had to share with you because if you’re reading this, that means you are someone who wants to be a student of life. Someone who wants to embrace a more fulfilling mindset and practices that will align with that!! Im so happy you’re here!!

First: I didn’t consume any alcohol for 4 months. And the remaining 4 months I could count on my hands how many drinks I have actually consumed. I had gotten to a point where I just didn’t like the way I felt after consuming alcohol. Mentally or physically. Just bleh, even if it was only one drink.

So I just stopped.

It was weird at first, being at a social function and almost feeling like I had to explain why I wasn’t drinking. Even if no one asked me why😂😂 It was my own feelings of insecurity that followed this need to be “the mom” that society has normalized..the one who “needs wine.” Yeah, I don’t even really like wine. I’m more of a cold beer type of gal.

But I realized that my indifference to alcohol was deeper than the effects it had. It was the depth of what society teaches us as normalized coping mechanisms. That is so not aligned with where I’m at so it makes total sense that I needed to step away from that.

Healthy coping mechanisms don’t need to involve drowning our feelings in booze. We are here to actually FEEL what we need to, so we can HEAL what we need to. It’s safe for you to do that, I promise!!

Second: I took a month off social media. CRAZY as a business owner to even think that’s a possibility, but man oh man I needed it! It also helps tremendously that my biz partners are my mom and sister and they willingly maintained our platforms while I did this.

I am slated to hop back on the socials next week and I ain’t gonna lie, I’m feeling a little trepidation. While at the same time I’m feeling excited to reconnect in a way that feels more serving.

The level of consumption I was engaging in wasn’t healthy. It was an incessant need to check in and often times led to feelings of discontent because I was distracted and overwhelmed with so much info 24/7. It was also this internal need to document my life, like we are all filming our own reality tv shows or something. It’s so freakin weird guys when you think about it.

How many times have you found yourself watching someone clean their own kitchen when yours is a mess?! WTF?! 🤪

It makes me think that the levels in which we consume social media, the short blips of video, the feed filled with SO much, is what actually creates this state of ADD in all of us.

Our brains weren’t constructed to take in all of this rapid fire information all day long. Our brains weren’t built to do 5 tasks at once. But society expects us to, and I refuse to feel less than because of some unrealistic standard that has been set that NO HUMAN CAN FULFILL because we aren’t intended to!

The break has helped me SEE in greater depth what I really want to use these platforms for, what I truly want to engage in and to be honest with myself about how and when I use it!!

Take the break if you feel like you need it! FO SHO!

Third: I invested in a business/mindset course. Yup! The reiki master who offers her own mindset courses to clients! You betta believe I invest in my own growth and self awareness. It’s essential.

Would you go to a dentist who didn’t brush his own teeth?! Prolly not. I can best serve my peeps when I best serve myself!!

So, think about what you DO in your day. Your family life, your work, your service. Have you done anything to invest into yourself?! Or have the tell tale excuses of time and money held you back?!

Don’t worry, they held me back for a longggg time too. Until they didn’t and I broke through those limitations. It’s just a choice. Literally one choice, one decision to do something for YOU!!

It will be the best time and money you can spend because it will help you grow, heal, shift, and show up to your life with so much more love, patience and gratitude.

Everyone around you will benefit from that, too! You can stay stuck in the consumption of excuses, blame, guilt and shame as to why you are where you are…or you can evolve past that phase and just love yourself fully exactly where you’re at! It’s freeing even if it feels foreign!!

I hope this helps you see that it’s safe to trust those nudges you feel inside, that it’s necessary to follow your instinct and do things outside of the box to feel more tuned into yourself.

Your list could have 3 very different actions on it, and that is truly beautiful! Being alive means you have the privilege of choice…embrace that today with all of yourself!!

Much love, Ta xo

Change your MIND. Change your LIFE!

I have been doing some deeeeep healing shiz lately, really heightening the awareness of my internal dialogue. As much as I have grown and shifted, there are still some sticking points with where my thoughts go.

I’m not good enough.

I’m not strong enough.

That’s not meant for me.

You aren’t as fit as you were before so that means you’re weak.

The only way you can really be healthy is if you do an overhaul right now.


All of it. Honestly when these thoughts come up, I acknowledge them and then dismiss them. I often replace them with something that really serves my highest and best. Not my ego!!

So, I decided to try something radically different. Instead of changing a bunch of tasks and things to do or not do, I’m gonna go ALL IN on deeply changing my thoughts. Correcting them. Redirecting them. Reframing them. Like I’ve been doing for years, but more than ever before!

I pulled an affirmation card this morning that said this exact mantra, and this is what I’m rollin with…

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I am whole. I am healed.”

Hot damn that’s powerful!

You might be like, ok, you’re just gonna say that and it will be all sunshine and rainbows?!

Guys, why do we assume it needs to be harder than that?! Because that’s what we were taught? Conditioned to believe? Programmed to think that the only thing that elicits change is absurdly hard effort, pain and sacrifice?

Our thoughts are the MOST POWERFUL thing about us. So OF COURSE they are going to impact our life!!!!

Remember how I said I was doing the deep healing?! Yeah. This is it. Saying this, feeling it into every cell of my being, embracing it as the ultimate truth, encapsulating it as the slogan of my life right now.

Deep peeps.

The biggest way to really change your life is to change your mind about it. It feels freeing to surrender. To let go of the need to control every outcome of my life, reach every goal by a certain time, check off every box and let the universe do her thang while I do mine.

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I am whole. I am healed.”

Nuff said.

Much love, Ta xo

Every Family has a Story❤️

Every Family has a Story❤️

That is how Ron Hoffman, founder of CCALS, began his chat at our pre-race dinner for the Falmouth Road Race. It was the first time since 2019 that we were able to get together the night before the race to connect and share a meal together as we geared up to run for those who can’t!

It was so emotional, in joy for seeing people we haven’t in a while, and also heart aching to meet new people who are living with ALS or dealing with losses from this disease.

Because every family has a story, and we were humbled to hear new ones this weekend. To walk through the journey with amazing humans who share similar griefs and experiences. They also share immeasurable spirit, love, gratitude and empathy!

Every family has a story.

We get to choose what parts of our journey become the turning points, the climax, the page turners. We get to choose where we place our energy, who we surround ourselves with, who we learn from.

I am thankful for the chance to share life with our CCALS family and grateful that my legs carried me those 7 miles for the 12th year in a row.

I am thankful I get to do this with my family in honor of Gramp. I am thankful he reminded us to NEVER GIVE UP.

I am just thankful!
Much love, Ta xo

Tell the world what you LOVE!

When we shout from the rooftops what we love, we have more of an opportunity to embrace it!

We were down in Falmouth with the fam gearing up to run the Road Race on Sunday! Friday night, I snuck back home to pick up Nick after work to eliminate having 2 cars down here.

Whilst on the drive, I got 2 texts of the sunset. One from Kate, the other from Meggie. They know how much I LOVE a sunset moment so they took the time to share it with me. It was a stunna!!

Buy guys, this sort of thing happens a LOT. I share sunrise and sunset moments often. I love the simplicity of a sky lit up. How fast it happens and changes. It’s awe inspiring peeps!! I share about my love for this often, which results in people sharing gorg sky pics with me. They know I will soak it right up with them!!

So even if my current view isn’t an epic skyline, I am still able to embrace it when someone else shares it with me! How cool is that?!

The more we put out to the universe what we love, the more opportunities we have to experience it!! What a GIFT!!

The same thing happened with my mom and her hearts!! She first saw a heart in a time of despair in her life. It was such a profound reminder for her to focus on the LOVE. After that, she began seeing hearts EVERYWHERE and now she has people almost DAILY send her hearts that they see in their travels!!

The moral of this story is what we THINK about, we BRING about. What we SPEAK can truly come into existence, so choose your thoughts and your words kindly!!

It’s as simple as a sunset or a heart rock, but think about how grand it really can be!

You are safe to speak into life what you LOVE and DESIRE! It just may change your life😘

And I may have missed the sunset that night, but I got to catch a few sunrises and sunsets this weekend and that was pretty incredible!!

Much love, Ta xo

Get to know YOU!

When should we ever be “passed” wanting to know ourselves better? 

This evolution of self awareness and growth is ongoing. Every day we are alive we have the chance to get to know ourselves better. Why on earth would we pass up that opportunity?! 

I have found myself time after time almost waiting to reach a point in life where I feel like I’ve arrived. But it doesn’t ever happen. Because what’s the true destination? 

It’s ongoing. 

There are always things to learn, bucket lists to check off, milestones to celebrate. Waiting for the moments leaves us MISSING the beautiful moments of today. 

The small, seemingly insignificant things are the real foundation of your life. Those things make you who you are. Those are important. Those are with celebrating. Those are “the things” that someone else might be waiting for. 

I now catch myself when I feel I’m slipping into a cycle of waiting for a certain experience to happen for me to be able to experience joy or a sense of accomplishment. Joy is available RIGHT NOW. As you read this blog. It’s as simple as taking your next breath to invite in whatever feeling you want to embrace. 

Feelings, emotions, self awareness aren’t contingent on anything else except YOU! 

The second we place our emotions on someone else or something else, we give them our power. 

Claim it back right now. Because you can! I promise to do the same right here with you!😘

Much love, Ta xo 

We are READY because we EXPAND…

When we embark on something new, we often times think “how can I do THAT when I don’t even feel like I have it together where I’m at.” 

You can. 

Because you expand. 

I was chatting with my cousin about motherhood and how it’s almost like this impossible decision of knowing WHEN you’re really ready. Like is anyone ever fully ready for that responsibility?! We feel like how the heck can I do this when somedays I can’t even take care of myself. 

You can. 

Because you expand. 

Maybe it’s the magic of motherhood, that somehow you become more so you can give more. 

Listen, we still get burnt out and tired and wave the white flag. We need help and support and a village to really succeed. 

But we expand. 

We grow and evolve so that we can help our children do the same. 

We don’t have it all figured out. We fuck up. A lot. We grow up alongside of our children. No matter how old we are. 

I’m 40 and guys I’m still growing up. I’m still learning and shifting. We continue to grow up until we take our last breaths here. It’s not this final thing like “oh you’re 18 you have grown up.” Or you’re done with college, you’re grown up. You’re 30 now, you’re a real adult. You’re 40, you’re hitting mid life. 

I’m growing up today and so are you. 

We are figuring things out, and expanding while we do so that we can invite in what’s meant for us. Even if we don’t feel ready. 

This isn’t just with motherhood, that’s just one example. This can relate to any shift in life where we create resistance based on fear and worry if we are “really ready.” 

The universe knows what we need when we need it. We can make all the plans, but then we can miss out on that expansion. 

Let go a little more today. So you can meet the universe where it’s at and let the best plans truly unfold! 

Much Love, Ta xo

A pile of stuff…

I realized today how many emotions can come from a pile of stuff. Maybe it depends on what’s actually in the pile. 

A pile of bills on the counter may create anxiety. 

A pile of laundry on the bed that needs to be folded before you can go to sleep may create a big groan of aggravation. Maybe that pile just gets moved to the chair to be dealt with in the morning😂

A pile of cookies on a plate can make you feel all warm and cozy inside. 

A pile of old photos on your table can make you feel a whole range of emotions from gratitude to love to reminiscing all in one. 

This pile pictured here has been slowly growing over the last few weeks. Every few days, more gets added to it. With each box or item, it’s a reminder of the huge transition that’s happening at the end of this month. 

Our girl is headed off to college. So let me try to explain the feels that THIS growing pile is really bringing…

Excitement for Brae as she preps for such a huge step in her life. 

Fear that this step really requires me to let go more than I would like to. 

Gratitude that our daughter is healthy and happy and ABLE to go have this experience. 

Sadness thinking of what the house will feel like without her here everyday. 

All these feels from one pile of stuff. 

All these feels that I am thankful to be able to process. 

So as I stare at this pile a little longer than normal today, I encourage you to take a scan of your house. What piles do you have and how are they making you feel? Be honest with yourself, let it all flow out, allow yourself to be emotionally moved and then you can decide if that pile needs to be moved😉❤️

Much love, Ta xo 

Get outta your own wae to FIND YOUR WAE!

Sometimes we need to get out of our own wae to FIND OUR WAE! 

Kate said this in the workout this morning and it’s so powerfully true! 

When we truly seek change in our lives, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional, the key is getting outta the WAE!! 

When we step aside, outside of our limiting beliefs, that’s when we invite in the collaboration and support of the universe!! 

The truth is, the journey of self awareness can feel lonely, but we are never ever alone. We ALWAYS have the support of the universe guiding us, but it’s up to US to ALLOW it. 

We get out of our own wae and that’s when we really find our wae!! Best part, we get to do it together! We get to hold each other accountable, we get to celebrate one another, we get to HEAL together!! 

Today I encourage you to do something different. Step out of the routine that’s making you feel stuck and mix it up. Literally get out of your own wae. Nothing is stopping you from doing what you desire besides the thoughts that tell you that you can’t. 

The universe will never tell you what you can’t do. It will constantly support you with what you CAN!! 

Much love, Ta xo 

Reiki. How do I love thee? Let me count the waes…

I was sitting in our reiki room at the table this morning while I waited for my client to arrive. I just took in the energy of this room. SO MUCH HEALING & GROWTH has occurred here. It was such a powerful moment. 

You hear us talk about reiki alllll the time! We share reiki at the end of our classes. We have a class where you receive reiki and then an intuitive reading. We have private reiki sessions. We have reiki groups and reiki certifications. 





But maybe you’re where I was about 12 years ago, thinking WTF is Reiki and WHY do I need it? 

Because that’s exactly what I was thinking in the backseat of the car driving to my very first reiki session with my mom, sister and aunt. I had no clue what to expect, I just knew I needed to try it.

The whole time I laid there all I did was overthink. “Am I doing this right? Does she read my mind? I forgot to throw the laundry in the dryer! Is everyone else just starting at me as I lay here? Where is she? I think she’s at my feet but maybe not? Am I supposed to be feeling something? I don’t know what I’m doing!” 

I don’t remember anything truly profound happening from my first reiki sesh, but I knew I had to go back for more. So I did. 

Our teacher and guide, Paula, gave us the gift of sharing this practice with us and teaching us the foundations and depths of reiki. For that, I’m eternally grateful! 

There are SO many things I love about Reiki. The calming effect it has on the nervous system. The reminder that we are all able to invite healing into our being. The ability to truly feel energy shifting and evolving. And my FAV part is the MESSAGES that come through! 

I always say that it’s like I have a puzzle. I dump the pieces all over the table, and YOU get to pick them up and place them where they belong! I love being a witness to that part of the process! The messages that come through are truly profound and ones that you can carry with you forever to assist with a new perspective when you need it most! 

Here are a few messages that came through yesterday and today: 

✨You don’t have to know how to run marathons just to run 1 mile… you don’t need to know HOW, you just WILL once you begin. 

✨Feelings are fleeting, so feel them to HEAL. 

✨Gratitude and overwhelm can exist simultaneously! {wowza that one really spoke to me, too!}

✨”Negative thoughts” aren’t bad they are just uncomfortable thoughts! Positive isn’t “good.” Those labels don’t define us. 

These simple ideas can really become mantras that can help carry us through the challenging seasons of life!! 

WHAT A GIFT👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

The best part is that this gift is always available to you! You just need to decide to show up. Even if you’re unsure of WHY. The soul knows❤️

Humbled to be a part of your reiki journey! Can’t wait for the messages that come through for you! 

Much love, Ta xo 

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