Meditation is not what you think…

Picture a room filled with zen vibes and people laying still on their mats. A dull whisper of wind chimes lulling through the air. The bubbling water feature giving just enough connection to nature. Everyone is silent and still. It’s picturesque.

And it’s sorta full of crap!

Say what?! That’s crazy coming from someone like me, who meditates daily and teaches others how, right?! But here’s why…we are NEVER FULLY STILL!

We aren’t supposed to be. We are energetic beings and even when our bodies are still, our mind is meant to MOVE. In this chat, I wanna share with you why meditation is not what you think, and how you can stop trying to make it this picture perfect moment in your life. Sound good?

To start, I wanna share my take on what meditation actually IS. It’s a state of consciousness. So you’re not asleep, you’re awake, but it’s almost like when you daydream. You know how you can drift off?! That’s meditation guys. Of course there’s way more to it, but keep that in mind as you read this. Because EVERYONE can meditate! Even someone with ADD! Even someone who’s mind never stops! Even someone who likes to be busy and going 103 miles an hour! Everyone can connect to that level of consciousness!

The first hurdle people often feel they aren’t able to jump is QUIETING the mind. That’s the biggest objection I hear when it comes to meditation. They ask, “how can I get my mind to stop.”

Answer: YOU DON’T!

Again, we aren’t meant to be totally still. Our mind will always be filled with stuff. The running to-do list. The things we need to accomplish. The worries, the doubts, the fears. Those things never fully go away. What happens is that your inner voice just gets louder.

When you begin a meditation practice, I highly suggest using guided meditations. We have a bunch of free ones on our website! Go use em! They really help you stop listening to the internal chatter and gives you something simple and peace filled to focus on. The more you show up for yourself in meditation, the more you get from it.

And this is a HUGE step before settling into a meditation: ask for only the highest and best to come into your mind. It’s self protection and helps you stay grounded during the process. Because here’s what’s SO COOL…you will start to have things pop up in your head. Maybe it’s an idea or something you feel like you have to do, maybe you see something in your minds eye. Maybe you see an animal or a color or hear a song. All of those things can be thought of as random thoughts just scattered in your brain, but really they are your divine messages! And to be sure they are filled with light and love, you gotta ask for that! Make sense?!

So going back to making that inner voice get louder…that’s the goal with meditation. It’s not to make your mind silent, it’s to connect to the space where you can get the message you need in that moment. Your list of things to do will be there. Your wondering if you left money in your pants pocket will be there. Your stomach growling will be there. Your need to pee will be there. BUT SO WILL YOUR INNER VOICE and that’s what you’re gonna learn to give the power to!

When you start to feel your brain go in a gazillion different directions, just honor it and ask for your space of peace to be amplified so you can hear what matters most!

Do you smell what I’m stepping in? Meditation is not silence. It’s just a different way to connect to your heart and soul, not just your brain!

Ok, so maybe laying down and listening to a guided meditation even seems like too much to start. Did you know you can have meditative moments while you’re up and about?

When you’re driving, does your mind ever wander? While you’re in the shower with the water running, do you go somewhere else in your mind? As you’re running or walking, what are your thoughts like? While your listening to music, playing an instrument, painting, cleaning, walking the dog. Any and all of these are opportunities to connect to your higher self, your inner voice!

It happens to me all the time when I’m washing the dishes! I still hand wash my dishes even though I have a dishwasher. There’s something about the water running and doing something sort of mindless that helps me become more mindful! I even created a meditation space at my sink window without even realizing it! I put all my little Buddha figurines, my crystals and a white candle all on the window sill! I didn’t even do it on purpose but it’s perfect! It’s where I get many of my best messages!

Is this all jiving with you guys? I was always so intimidated to meditate because I was afraid I was doing it wrong. There’s no right way or wrong way to connect. It’s just gotta be YOUR way, and the only place to figure that out is within YOU! No one ever said it to me quite like that, so I knew I had to share all of this with you so you can see, and most importantly BELIEVE, that you can do this for yourself!

Final piece which may blow your damn mind…have you ever been in the middle of a struggle and your play it out in your mind, and then create this whole entire made-up ordeal in your head that actually generates real emotion inside of you?! Like this shit storm you just made up out of thin air feels real?!

Well, if you can do that with the negative, you surely can do it with the positive! Allow yourself to daydream and visualize amazing things happening in your life. Let yourself feel the emotions of joy and love. Doing more of that will make it so much easier to hear that inner voice. When you give your power to positivity, you live more positively! Nuff said.

Meditation is not what you think, so instead of getting out of your head, get all up in there…and then ask for your HEART to do the talkin!

So much love for you guys! If you need help with this, you know where to find me! And if you’re around this weekend, join us at our Thriving or Surviving workshop Friday night, our Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, and meditation class Sunday night! All the gooooooood vibes!

Ta xox

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