I feel like a fortune cookie.

Confucius says: Life is short. Eat the cookie.

Taren says: Life is long. Eat the cookie. Do the burpees. Drink the water. Read the book. Do the meditation. Get the sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
I was laughing the other day as my mom, sister and I we’re chatting on our morning run. We always use that time to vent about our families #truth , mind meld together, laugh about ridiculous things, gain clarity…whatever we need in the moment. In our deep chat, I kept coming out with these profound one liners and my mom kept saying…”that’s a post, that would be a perfect post, you gotta share that one.”

I looked at her and was like, “apparently I speak POST now. Just call me Yoda. Or a fortune cookie.” 😂😂

And then the more I thought about it, the more I don’t even notice sometimes the things that come blurting out of my mouth. They are divinely guided FO SHO. But guys, here’s where it gets GOOOOD.

The stuff blurting out of my mouth could be VERY different if I didn’t make the conscious choice to change my mindset!

Get this…how many times in your life have you been faced with someone who has “no filter” and says whatever is on their mind without any hesitation? And doesn’t it seem like most of these moments, the information being blurted out isn’t always the best, right?!

“Oh, you cut your hair. WHY?” Or, “you would understand if you had a real job.” Or how about, “for someone who’s healthy, you sure have quite an appetite.”

These are just a few examples of things that aren’t thoughtfully spoken and usually come with a negative undertone. We have all been faced with this in life! It’s more common for these instances to occur than someone coming up and sharing with you a nugget of sheer love and quality and clarity.

Here’s WHY: the people blurting out their opinion without thinking anything about how it could affect someone else are the people who aren’t doing the internal work on themselves.

The people who give sound advice and help you see YOUR life more clearly are the ones who DO.

I may not have a scientific spreadsheet with factoids on how this is true, but I’m gonna tell ya, IT IS. Just trust me on this.

When you are connected to your GUS (God, Universe Spirit…whatever you wanna call your higher power) you are led with positivity and light. You see people through a lens of love. You make a choice to tap into that power and stay connected to it. You do the work and make the effort to shift yourself from a negative limiting mind to a positive, uplifting and abundant one. You show up for yourself which gives you a better opportunity to show up for others!!!

When you are disconnected from GUS and yourself, it’s so much easier to see the flaws in other people. It feels good to point them out in someone else, because it takes the burden off having to point the finger at yourself! When you’re disconnected, you are swimming in negativity without even being consciously aware of it…and in doing so, you naturally wanna have people swimming right in there with ya. So things just blurt right on out because in that moment, you aren’t thinking about anyone’s highest and best…especially not YOUR OWN.

It always comes back to this lesson you guys…when you work on becoming your best self, you will naturally want the same for everyone else you are surrounded with! It’s like that saying, “you are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Think about that. Who are your 5? Is that the energy you desire for your life? The outlook you want to view this world from? The life you truly want to live?

I might speak fortune cookie now, but that’s because I am surrounded by so many people who do the same damn thing! The books I read, the people I work with, the job I do, the podcasts I listen to…all of it is grounded in positivity and light. So it’s only natural for things of that nature to come blurting out of my mouth!

Do you get it guys?! Every single person has a filter…some are just clearer than others. And if you’re tired of being someone who says things without thinking, then start being THOUGHTFUL with your own thoughts!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda like a conundrum but it’s TRUTH!!

You can speak fortune cookie too friends…just start surrounding yourself with people who like Chinese take out, too! 😉😉Your circle is everything! Your thoughts are everything! Your light is everything! It’s on you to show up as your best!

Much love,
Ta xox

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