Truth be told, I tried blogging a few years ago. But I totally overthought it and it just didn’t feel authentic. This time, I just wanna keep it real. That’s my motto peeps. All the goodness is in the realness. So here’s a little backstory in case you’re new round here…

I’m Taren. 36. Not even lying, when I just wrote that I actually had to THINK about my age. Funny how that happens. Funny how lots of things happen…like marrying your high school boyfriend. Having your in-laws move across the street from your parents. Raising 3 amazing kids in the same schools we grew up in! #fullheartfosho

These days, I help run a family owned business with my mom and sister. You may have heard of it…Find Your WAE 😉What started with WAEbands has become a WAE BRAND- we offer so many varying opportunities for people to connect to themselves and really live in their LIGHT! Workouts. Workshops. Reiki. Meditation. Mentoring. WAEbands. All the things!

In addition to our WAE world, I am an online wellness coach and mentor! I help people from all over the country with their well-being…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! I really like to call myself an intuitive mentor because it’s not about washboard abs or what you look like…it’s about what you FEEL like!

To do that, I help them use simple tools, like workouts and nutrition to really dig into who they are and who they’re meant to be! We all love to chow pizza and cookies and have cocktails so we keep it real 24/7! We call ourselves the Stronger Every Day crew, because that’s the goal…to learn and grow each day while lovin ourselves right where we are at!

I have totally fallen in love with helping women start their own businesses! Be it network marketing or any new venture, there’s no greater advice to be given than what your livin! We’re kindred spirits…so let’s grow together, shall we?!

I’m also working on a few other fun projects right now that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! Honestly, these gigs have allowed me to foster a creative side that has always been a part of who I am! Like, I loooooove HGTV and decorating for holidays and paint nights and music and concerts and arts of all kinds! AND WRITING!!! So being able to be creative with social media, marketing and making WAEbands has helped me connect to that piece of me!

As adults it’s super easy to forget about those little things that make us who we are…would totally love to hear about yours, so make sure ya share with me when you’re done reading, k?!

Truly…It’s sort of surreal as I type these words. That I have a blog that you actually are interested in reading. That I have a platform to share my voice and passions in the hopes that you can do the same! Guys, I was always the wallflower…and truth is I’m really content with still being one! But when you open up the door to MORE, you can’t just shut it! It’s like a floodgate and the opportunities to share and grow just keep getting better and better! And if my words or vibes can help even 1 HUMAN take a step toward their own light, it’s worth every single minute! In fact, I’m completely humbled to have helped hundreds of people and call it my career. Huge gratitude! And a huge shift coming from someone who used to refer to herself as “just a stay at home mom running an at home daycare.”

I was never just a mom, just as you aren’t “JUST SOMEONE” right now either!

You have been divinely created. You’re a masterpiece. You’re unique and weird and beautiful and my goal with this blog is to help you be exactly who you’re supposed to be. To stand in your light and own your personal power. Can I get an amen on a Wednesday?!

I’m gonna share all sorts of stuff from mom life to mindset and marriage and wellness to how much I really despise kale! Random but it just tastes like dirt to me. #whoknew

Excited to connect to you guys in this new WAE…see what I did there?!

Oh, if you couldn’t tell, I love sarcasm as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings and I also have a favorite pastime of quoting movies and having full text conversations using gifs!

Ok. There will be plenty of more time for me to share tid-bits about myself, but mostly, I’m sharing so that YOU can share, too! So start telling me your story! Can’t wait to hear it!

Love you!
Ta xo

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