Fabric and Care Instructions

WAEbands are hand made in the USA from a polyester/spandex blend fabric.

All bands with printed patterns are made of a hydrophobic/quick-drying polyester/spandex fabric blend.

Some bands are made of a hydrophobic/quick-drying polyester/spandex fabric blend that’s engineered with a wickaway action that draws moisture away from the body by a combination of capillary action and enhanced evaporation. Those bands which do have the wickaway feature will mention this in the product description.  ALL the bands (with or without wickaway) are GREAT workout wear!

The fabric in all the bands is durable, with a stretchy quality that makes them easy to wear and use in all kinds of … WAEs!

Care Instructions — For best results and to keep your WAEband bright and maintain its stretchy qualities, it’s best to hand wash in cold water, or if you machine wash, use the gentle cycle. Use no bleach or fabric softeners. Line dry.

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