Can we please stop wearing EXHAUSTION as some badge of honor? 

Somewhere along the way, we have been conditioned to think that BUSY and TIRED equate to SUCCESS, because if we are wiped out then that must mean we are doing a lot and being productive and blah blah blah. 

You wanna know what SUCCESS really looks like?! 

It’s cranking the shit out of life when you feel energized and resting and recovering when you don’t. 

But life isn’t built to ALLOW us that flexibility. It’s built in these schedules of work, school, business hours, etc. Leaving us at the mercy of a calendar to align our lives to, not the other way around. 

Which leaves us in a desperate place of having no other choice than to PUSH ourselves to produce even when we are depleted.

Which, you guessed it, creates stress, anxiety, depression and this cycle of feeling exhausted just thinking about things we have to do. 

Listen, we are humans and we have human responsibilities. Jobs. Families. Bills to pay. And we have to show up to those facets of life every day. But someone else made the rules for us that we need to follow, and that’s where we hit that wall. 

The resistance. 

The overwhelm.

The exhaustion. 

And we walk around proclaiming it because, well, isn’t everyone just effin tired, and we all celebrate in the fact that we are knowingly and willingly burning ourselves OUT. 

Who. Made. This. Shit. Up. 

I know we can’t change the set schedules for most things, but we sure can change our level of functioning to better suit our own needs and well being! 

No one else is gonna do that for us. 

So let’s start by removing the TIRED BADGE and replace it with a big ass trophy we can put next to us when we lay down on the couch to relax or REPLY NO to something we aren’t feeling. We can look at that golden trophy (yes, I imagine it is gold and shiny) and be proud AF that we are honoring ourselves in the moment. 

And we can also raise it up overhead when we are conquering life, making moves, embracing change and loving on ourselves!!

I will be the one slow clapping to your efforts of self care!❤️

Much love, 

Ta xo 

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