Imagine this. In one hand, you have a bucket filled with wet concrete. In the other hand, you have a pick axe.

Every time you have a thought or a feeling associated with envy, jealousy, judgment, fear, doubt or lack, you pour concrete over your own feet.

Every time you have a thought or a feeling relating to joy, love, abundance, gratitude or peace, you use the axe to chisel away the concrete.

Now obviously we don’t walk around with a bucket or axe in our hands, but get this… when we fill our minds and lives with negativity, we are keeping ourselves STUCK in patterns and behaviors that don’t best serve us. Hence the concrete.

When we consciously work to keep our minds and lives in the LIGHT, we are moment to moment just chiseling away all of those feelings of lack and doubt that can so easily keep us trapped.

We are humans so all of us have an ego inside. That ego did once serve a purpose back when we were cavemen and we literally needed to SURVIVE living amongst wooly mammoths and stuff. We had to always assume the worst was going to happen to be protected enough to actually survive.

Guys. Its 2019. We are no longer cavemen and we have been blessed to live in a time where we are here to THRIVE, not just survive. And in order to do this, we must retrain our brains. Like, every day, we need to consciously shift our thoughts out of the ego and into the highest self.

It. Ain’t. Easy. But guys, it’s completely possible. I used the concrete and pick axe analogy because little things like that can totally help us be self aware when we are allowing our thoughts to keep us stuck. So now after reading this, my hope is that when you’re in a negative thinking pattern, you will realize you’re burying yourself in the cement when you could be chiseling your way out!

Being self aware can be totally exhausting because there are many times where we KNOW we are being our own worst enemy, yet we do it anyway. Again, we are HUMAN. We’re here to F up and make mistakes and have experiences of pain and fear. But just as that’s human experience, so is joy and abundance and love. And every one of you reading this has a divine right to experience that in this life. That’s why you’re reading this blog. You know deep down it’s true!!

So…say you have a friend who has always had it all. The happy marriage. The adorable healthy kids. The thriving career. The house. The dog. The vacations. The lifestyle! All of it. And every time you see your friend, you can’t help but feel less than for yourself. You’re jealous of her life. You’re angry that you don’t have those things. You’re pissed that it seems to come so easy for her and here you are struggling like a motha trying to just put one foot in front of the other.

You judge her for her choices. You try to make sense of it by saying she’s just lucky. You try to downplay her life and say she must not really be happy if she has that life. There’s no way someone can really have it all.

And by having those thoughts time after time, you have just buried yourself knee deep in concrete and prevented yourself from being able to attain the life you truly desire.

It’s like that saying, “comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s 100% TRUE. When we compare, we are doing nothing to help us advance in our own lives and simply stealing moments of our own happiness.

Let me repeat ain’t easy to get out of this mindset. But like anything else, it’s a practice; and when you feel yourself going down the rabbit hole of comparison, you will know now to drop the bucket and pick up the axe.

Let’s go back to your friend. She’s living the good life that you long for. Remove the judgment, the lack mentality, the jealousy…replace it with LOVE. Look to her and study her. What has she actually done to get where she is? Who is she as a person? Celebrate her for having the courage and strength to define life on her terms. Love on her for being a symbol of possibility and hope. Congratulate her when more joy comes her way. Show her more and more and more LOVE and THANK HER. Because you’re new mindset knows and believes this to be TRUE: if she can do it, so can YOU!!

Think about how different your life could be if you removed the comparison and judgement and looked at everyone through a different lens. You would be SO FREE you guys. Free to expand your life in any way you desire. You wouldn’t be buried in the concrete and would have chipped all that rubble away!

When you make this shift every day, you will feel lighter. I promise you. Even if some days you feel like you’re lying to yourself because it’s so much harder to believe in what’s possible than what’s actually happening in front of you. But like Charlie says in that Santa Clause movie, “you don’t need to see a million dollars to know that’s its real.” It’s about believing. Sometimes you gotta FAITH it til you make it. Sometimes you gotta put your energy into what you desire more than anything else.

For some reason we think that having negative thoughts serves us because it’s like self protection…but negative thoughts serve ZERO purpose if you are in a space of self development. There’s no room for those thoughts and the only reason they come barreling in is because your ego knows you’re evolving past it. And your ego is pissed. It doesn’t want you to grow beyond it. It likes when you get mad and judgey and gossipy and pouty. It loves to swoop in steal the show. And it will always try to. The ego never goes away!! But you’re higher self and you’re inner voice get louder and stronger and WAY more powerful!

Your higher self is the strongest muscle we have as humans. But man oh man, we gotta WERK IT! We gotta show up to it. We gotta shift. We gotta ditch the concrete. We gotta tighten the grip on the axe and we gotta smash right through the BS.

Some days will feel better than others. Some moments it will be a smoother transition out of the negative. Some days you will beat the ever living crap out of something until you’re ready to let it go. It’s not perfect and it’s not gonna be…but it’s gonna be a beautiful wreckage that you step away from and you will take all those tiny chunks of concrete and be able to build something so damn powerful!! And then you will be that person who others look to for the light. You already have it in you. Drop the bucket. You’ve been carrying it long enough. Today, you can be free ❤️✨

Ta xox

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