I was on a walk recently with my sister. We were chatting about what it really means to ask for help. It’s a skill we are both working on😉🫠

Both of us realized that when we have accepted help in the past, we sort of forget that we had anything to do with it and put all the appreciation on whoever else was involved. 

We tend to think less of ourselves inadvertently because we feel like “we couldn’t have done it without them.” 

So instead of honoring our own part in the journey of helping ourselves, we give everyone else the credit. 

Maybe we think it keeps up humble. Or maybe we just need to level up our own self belief. 

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. 

It’s not someone doing it FOR you. 

They are doing it WITH you! 

It’s so easy to allow our pride and ego get in the way of accepting assistance. We wanna be strong and capable and stand on our own 2 feet and yada yada yada. 

That’s all fine and well. But what the heck are we trying to prove? 

Why is it a “bad thing” to accept help or guidance or advice from people who are WILLING and ABLE to offer it? 

I truly believe that we all have our own true innate strengths so we can share them with the people who may lack in those same areas. We have the chance to come together and learn from each other! 

For example, the other day I was talking to my hubbs after work. I looked right at him and said, “I am resigning from being the financial manager of our family. I am giving my 2 weeks notice. I am good at a LOT of things when it comes to taking care of the fam, but I’m not the best fit for this specific position.I appreciate the opportunity. Good day, sir.” 

Guys. It’s ok to not be GOOD at EVERYTHING. Recovering perfectionist, here. There comes a time where we can acknowledge the areas we need some extra HELP to get the job done right. It’s not a cop-out or an excuse. It’s honoring your skill set and outsourcing the rest! 

I relinquished my duty as CFO because Nick is WAE better at money than me. He can have $100 in his wallet for like 3 months. I manage to spend it before it’s even in my hand🤣😬

I desire to honor money in a healthier way. Nick already does that. So it makes sense for him to forge the path. Get what I’m saying here?! 

Often times asking for help is going to make life better for EVERYONE involved! It’s TEAM WORK peeps! And YOU initiating the help makes you just as effective and responsible for the outcome as the person helping you!! 

Next time you’re feeling shaky about asking for assistance, remind yourself that you are STRONGER for doing it! 

It’s growth. 

It’s necessary.

You aren’t here to struggle on your own. You are here to be a part of something bigger. So let yourself be❤️

Much love, 

Ta xo

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