“Empaths are people who understand and share the feelings of others.” Like, that’s the real definition. Let’s face it, pretty much every human on the planet SHOULD be understanding of others, but that’s a story for another blog.

The challenge of being an empath really comes from those who have a hard time differentiating someone else’s feelings from their own. So we take on people’s feelings because we assume it will lighten their load by piling it on ourselves! So silly, aren’t we?!

Or get this…maybe you’re an empath but you don’t even realize it; but you know your energy can get wacky when other peoples does?!

Well, I was chatting with a dear friend who is a fellow empath, and as she asked for advice, I was sharing some insight I have learned on this journey and I realized, DUH…I should share this with everyone because maybe you need this feedback, too!! So here goes…

Lesson #1. You can’t HEAL someone else, so why would you try to FEEL for someone else? We don’t have a magic wand to shoot fairy dust at anyone to fix their problems. Just like we shouldn’t give advice to someone who really isn’t asking for it. But for some reason, us empaths feel RESPONSIBLE to fix any problems even when they have nothing to do with us! We gotta make it personal because it means we care, right?! Wrong-o! Getting all wrapped up in someone else’s pain is never our purpose. Our purpose is to love! To give love, speak love and live in love!

Lesson #2. Your best healing will always come from within. So will everyone else’s. Though you may want to shake peeps to wake them up, it ain’t never gonna work. People wake up on their own clock. Not yours. So if you want to help them wake up, be there to listen when their alarm goes off and let them figure out the rest! Just like YOU did!

Lesson #3. Stop trying to protect your energy and shield yourself. You’ve worked too hard releasing your own baggage to build up yet another armor. Surround yourself with LIGHT and LOVE, that’s the best source of protection available to you!

Lesson #4. Feel for them without feeling FOR them! You know that saying, “I feel for you!” That means you are allowing yourself to shed love and compassion upon someone else. It doesn’t mean you should actually take on their pain. It’s never your job to carry someone else’s pains or burdens. The best way to help others is to work on your own light and hope it helps them do the same.

Lesson #5. Stop feeling guilty for someone else’s difficult life. Again, you can always feel compassion and love towards those who are struggling. But someone else’s pain isn’t yours to walk in. If you were supposed to experience it for yourself, then you would. The second you start to feel guilty for good health or abundance or joy because someone else doesn’t have it, is the same second that you are disconnecting from your divine right of happiness. If someone else isn’t choosing happiness, it’s not your fault. But if you aren’t choosing it, that’s on you, boo.

Hope these little shifts can help you stand deeper in your light instead of jumping into someone else’s darkness! So much love for you! Keep shining!

~Ta xoxo

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