Mindfulness is everywhere these days! It’s almost become a trend…which is a trend I can 100% support!!!

But here’s the crazy part: there are still SO many people out there, maybe even YOU reading this, who don’t believe they have what it takes to live in a mindful way! I feel like there’s this perception of the true mindful person. It goes something like this…

They smell like sage and essential oils and glide through life in their boho chic clothes, eating kale chips and drinking out of paper straws. They float on a cloud while they meditate and can hold headstands for hours. They slide down rainbows and hug trees.

Ok maybe that’s extreme🤣, but when I used to hear the words mindful or meditate or inner peace, my first thought was…HIPPIE. It just was. I just didn’t understand how I could be a mindful person when it all seemed so foreign.

Crazy part is that I now love essential oils and sage and wear WAEbands daily so I actually have now embraced my inner hippie, LOL, but it didn’t happen overnight. And you don’t EVER have to embrace those things to actually be mindful. Being mindful is PERSONAL and UNIQUE to every human!! It’s something you express in your own individual way! It’s something you already are, and you don’t even realize it!

Today I am going to share with you 10 signs that you are, in fact, living a mindful life without even consciously realizing it! You ready?! Here goes…

1.) You daydream. You might think daydreaming is being mindless, but it’s the opposite. Being able to daydream means you are able to create a vision and get lost in it. Maybe it’s when you’re driving, or cleaning or in the shower; any time you can allow your mind to wander and create is actually a signal of mindfulness. A lot of us spend a good amount of time conjuring up worst case scenarios in our minds. We do that with worry or fear. But get this…if you’re able to do that, you can 100% dream up something amazing. And better yet, you can believe it and make it a reality!

2.) You are thankful for your current state at least once every day. I will say it 1000 times over…gratitude is the key to the utmost happiness! If you stay in a space of gratitude, you will always find joy. And the desire to live in the state of joy is a huge signal of mindfulness! You get it! You understand that the goal above all else is happiness in our existence…even if you have had the worst day and have complained a gazillion times and been impatient. Just one moment of thankfulness for what you DO have is the trigger! It’s the signal that you are a mindful person!

3.) You believe in a higher power. This is a biggie. It can be God, the universe, Mother Earth, the unknown, it doesn’t matter. Just being aware that there is a grander force guiding this crazy journey we call life is the basis of being mindful! We remove the need to control every outcome and have faith that all is as it should be. Having faith in something bigger than you is instantly connecting you to the power of abundance and positivity!

4.) You smile at strangers. Believe it or not, some people don’t do this. But I know a lot of you DO! If you take the time to smile at someone, or pay someone a compliment for no reason, or put someone’s cart away for them at the grocery store, you are living a mindful life. Because the second you spread your own light to others through something as simple as a smile, you are making a positive impact in someone else’s life! That’s mindful my peeps!

5.) You have done a “no complain” challenge. Have you seen those social media posts, challenging you to not complain for 24 hours? Of course you have. And chances are, you have attempted it. It’s not easy! We have SO much happening in life that it’s so easy to complain. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I have too much on my plate. I am burnt out. I’m sick of it. Blah blah blah. We all do it. But the second we get self aware and try to NOT complain is when mindfulness WINS! Because being mindful doesn’t mean we need to be PERFECT…it just means we are present in our thoughts! So if you have even been aware of complaining, then you my friend, are mindful!

6.) You are inspired by simple things. Does a pretty sky blow your mind like it does me?! Or nature? The stars? Watching an old couple cross the street holding hands? Seeing kids play? Hearing a baby giggle? The simple moments of life that stop you in your tracks…those are your reminders that you are mindful! Any time you stop and smile or feel peace, even for a fleeting moment, that’s a powerful mindful moment! The more you pay attention to them, the more of them you will see and experience! It’s like a flood gate. You just gotta open it up a little and it just pours on through!! Inspiration works just the same!

7.) You see the silver lining. You have shitty days and grouchy days. You have moments where you feel like all odds are against you. But you still see the good. Even if it’s only a teeny tiny inkling of good, it’s there. And that morsel of goodness will always carry you through any challenge. That silver lining is your proof that you a mindful being!

8.) You enjoy alone time. Wanting to be alone and have quiet is not a bad thing. It’s your soul telling you it’s time to restore and replenish your energy! You can be a social butterfly and still desire time by yourself. It’s part of the balance. If you find yourself craving quiet time, it means you may be leveling up in your mindfulness. You may be more aware of how you expand your energy and know that you need time to decompress and rejuvenate!

9.) You want to be kind to yourself. Emphasis on the word WANT. Because even if you aren’t doing the things you know you CAN or SHOULD, you are aware. And awareness=mindfulness! So if you want to workout or eat better or learn how to meditate, that’s a giant step in the direction of actually DOING it! The desire is there. And where there is desire, there is the ability to get inspired, which leads to taking ACTION! So celebrate your want to be kind to yourself, and maybe today will be the day something shifts to make it happen!

10.) You like to help and give. You thrive on making people smile. It warms your heart to give people love, or gifts, or your TIME. You feel more whole when you’re helping others feel whole. Make sense?! This doesn’t mean you’re not making yourself a priority, it means your soul longs to give and be of service. The most mindful people are the ones who love to see others living in JOY! When we are jealous or envious of other people’s happiness, it’s when mindfulness shuts off. When we truly love seeing others happy, that’s when mindfulness expands so far and so wide!

So there it is my peeps. 10 ways you are already a super mindful person, just by being YOU! Now you can build upon it! You can always grow in this area! You can always expand your mindset! You can never be TOO mindful, so celebrate where you are and get excited about where you’re going! Your mind is amazing and so is your heart! Keep going and growing friends!

Much love,
Ta xo

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