I was thinking this morning of some of the things I’ve done this year to vastly improve my mindset and mental well being while also helping me detach from societal norms.

10/10 recommend👏🏻👏🏻

ALL of it has to do with CONSUMING!! Which I didn’t even notice until I started writing this!

I knew I had to share with you because if you’re reading this, that means you are someone who wants to be a student of life. Someone who wants to embrace a more fulfilling mindset and practices that will align with that!! Im so happy you’re here!!

First: I didn’t consume any alcohol for 4 months. And the remaining 4 months I could count on my hands how many drinks I have actually consumed. I had gotten to a point where I just didn’t like the way I felt after consuming alcohol. Mentally or physically. Just bleh, even if it was only one drink.

So I just stopped.

It was weird at first, being at a social function and almost feeling like I had to explain why I wasn’t drinking. Even if no one asked me why😂😂 It was my own feelings of insecurity that followed this need to be “the mom” that society has normalized..the one who “needs wine.” Yeah, I don’t even really like wine. I’m more of a cold beer type of gal.

But I realized that my indifference to alcohol was deeper than the effects it had. It was the depth of what society teaches us as normalized coping mechanisms. That is so not aligned with where I’m at so it makes total sense that I needed to step away from that.

Healthy coping mechanisms don’t need to involve drowning our feelings in booze. We are here to actually FEEL what we need to, so we can HEAL what we need to. It’s safe for you to do that, I promise!!

Second: I took a month off social media. CRAZY as a business owner to even think that’s a possibility, but man oh man I needed it! It also helps tremendously that my biz partners are my mom and sister and they willingly maintained our platforms while I did this.

I am slated to hop back on the socials next week and I ain’t gonna lie, I’m feeling a little trepidation. While at the same time I’m feeling excited to reconnect in a way that feels more serving.

The level of consumption I was engaging in wasn’t healthy. It was an incessant need to check in and often times led to feelings of discontent because I was distracted and overwhelmed with so much info 24/7. It was also this internal need to document my life, like we are all filming our own reality tv shows or something. It’s so freakin weird guys when you think about it.

How many times have you found yourself watching someone clean their own kitchen when yours is a mess?! WTF?! 🤪

It makes me think that the levels in which we consume social media, the short blips of video, the feed filled with SO much, is what actually creates this state of ADD in all of us.

Our brains weren’t constructed to take in all of this rapid fire information all day long. Our brains weren’t built to do 5 tasks at once. But society expects us to, and I refuse to feel less than because of some unrealistic standard that has been set that NO HUMAN CAN FULFILL because we aren’t intended to!

The break has helped me SEE in greater depth what I really want to use these platforms for, what I truly want to engage in and to be honest with myself about how and when I use it!!

Take the break if you feel like you need it! FO SHO!

Third: I invested in a business/mindset course. Yup! The reiki master who offers her own mindset courses to clients! You betta believe I invest in my own growth and self awareness. It’s essential.

Would you go to a dentist who didn’t brush his own teeth?! Prolly not. I can best serve my peeps when I best serve myself!!

So, think about what you DO in your day. Your family life, your work, your service. Have you done anything to invest into yourself?! Or have the tell tale excuses of time and money held you back?!

Don’t worry, they held me back for a longggg time too. Until they didn’t and I broke through those limitations. It’s just a choice. Literally one choice, one decision to do something for YOU!!

It will be the best time and money you can spend because it will help you grow, heal, shift, and show up to your life with so much more love, patience and gratitude.

Everyone around you will benefit from that, too! You can stay stuck in the consumption of excuses, blame, guilt and shame as to why you are where you are…or you can evolve past that phase and just love yourself fully exactly where you’re at! It’s freeing even if it feels foreign!!

I hope this helps you see that it’s safe to trust those nudges you feel inside, that it’s necessary to follow your instinct and do things outside of the box to feel more tuned into yourself.

Your list could have 3 very different actions on it, and that is truly beautiful! Being alive means you have the privilege of choice…embrace that today with all of yourself!!

Much love, Ta xo

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